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December 03, 2009



besides causing our airport security standards to be improved, what does Islam contribute to America?

Gary Rumain

Where can I get me one of them there bumper stickers?




shutdownthemosquesDOTorg (previous entry had a typo)

Devlin se Draak

I wonder if this pious moslimeh raised such a schtunk and condemned so vehemently the terroristic killings by that moslem soldier in Fort Hood?

Somehow, I think not...

Dinah Lord

Until the "Muslim-American community" becomes the American community they can bite me.

(linking you)

Daniel in AZ

Why do people put up with this mooslim double talk? I firmly believe that there are no "moderate" muslims. They are all extremists! Was it an extremist muslim who ran over his daughter & friend here in Phoenix not long ago? Was it extremist mooslim parents again here in Phoenix who disowned their 8 year old daughter who was gang raped? THERE ARE NO MODERATE MUSLIMS!! WAKE UP! THEY ARE ALL CULT FOLLOWING RELIGIOUS FANATICS. Can anyone tell me when was the last time any mooslim has contributed anything to the human race? ANYONE? I thought not! I am sick and tired of hearing about how they are always offended and discriminated against. Unless some mooslim has made a serious contribution to the human race - go away and just shut the F@#K UP!


Here's 3 examples of what islam has contributed to society in Thailand.

1: Guards and scanners at the entrance of every mass transit system and major shopping malls so BOMBS can't be smuggled in.

2: Transparent or see-through public garbage cans, so BOMBS can't be hidden in them.

3: 1 inch deep public ashtrays, so BOMBS can't be hidden in them.

So you see, islam IS really making contributions to civilized society. I can hardly wait for their next contribution.


I forgot to mentions; Most 7-Eleven shops have completely removed even the transparent trash cans altogether just to avoid being a future BOMB site. So you step out of the 7-Eleven with your fudge-cicle in hand and start looking for somewhere to throw the wrapper then it occurs to you; "oh right! 7-Eleven is a no-BOMB zone". Thank you islam!


You will all be tracked and killed. You are not real Christians and must face your maker to be judged.

The Grand Kaffir Of Infidelistan

Bob, check your dosage dude or better still get the prescription changed.
Try and track me all you want.

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