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November 22, 2009


john in cheshire

I am probably wrong - I usually am - but I see the USofA adopting too many policies from the UK. Our socialist scum of a government pandered to the IRA murderers by excusing their atrocities and failing to regard them as warmongers. Our wicked socialist scum government panders to our enemies such as Pakistan, and ignoring the death and destruction that this breeding ground for muslim killers has brought to the Western world. I see the current American administration using the same lies and deceits that were developed by our socialist scum government; Blair, Mandelson, (the quite thick) Brown, Campbell, Hoon, Blunket, and all the rest too numerous to mention. Please America, wake up and see what is being done to you. Otherwise, you will suffer from at least another 11 years of crypto-socialism. And then it will be a long road to recovery. We need you to adher to your founding beliefs.


Love the ignorance - US adopting too many policies from UK...right and I'm the Cheshire Cat.
Yep, you couldn't be more wrong in every single word uttered in and Brown you can keep - Bush's poodle and his poodle are not my idea of fit for the US - Blair, unfortunately, got a job as part of his pay off from the war Criminals with which he chose to conspire.

Since you know nothing about the issues in GITMO then you got nothin' to say of intelligence, anyway. 116 of the remaining 225 have been fully cleared of everything except being the wrong color for racists to trust and for Bush/Cheney mind meld rot but then that's happening all over the UK with the white supremacist there...
Stay out of our politics..You don't even know what you don't know

20 out of over 875 tortured and kidnapped citizens of other countries and only about 20 might have something for which they could be held but then MI5 and 6 helped with the torture too.
But then when I read arrogant outsiders pretending they have a clue as to what the US Constitution says or means...well, it is quit obvious you haven't by what has been written here...About as much clue as you do the Fairness Doctrine, the Monroe Doctrine, Posse Comitatus Act, Emancipation Proclamation ...
Unless you know what you are discussing, don't open your head, it shows the world there are cobwebs are and we just got to see the spider crawling that I am quite sure was mistaken as synapse

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