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November 07, 2009


Surakshadevi Bhakta

Stop all this dhimmitude and "politicaly correct" suicidal attitude and call a spade a spade and a muslim a muslim and a terrorist a terrorist, NOT an "insurgent"...

Devlin se Draak

It infuriates me to see how the country that survived two world wars has willingly surrendered to its moslem invaders.

The grandparents of today's British population must be spinning in their graves, after all they did to preserve their liberty, only to see their grandchildren cravenly surrender all they tried to preserve.

A nation that once sung that they "never would be slaves" have become, if not slaves, then certainly subservient to this current invading islamic army.

infidel and proud of it

muslims are the end of the world,they are scum.

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