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October 10, 2009



I suppose that NuLabour would have everyone regard this despicable act by "Asians" following the example of their piece=of-shit, pseudo-prophet pedophile mahound not as the heinous crime that it is, but as an opportunity to "celebrate the wonders of multiculturalism."

I've read in recent times a lot of comments by Brits who can't take this crap anymore that the UK is like a pressure cooker from which no steam has been let out for way too long, and it's about to explode. When it finally does, I hope none of those cowardly Porki bastards will get off the hook scot free.

Stout Viking

I do NOT, in any way, justify what these scum did to this girl, HOWEVER, she is not a 10 year old and she's almost an adult and she should have better judgment than going out in the middle of the night after getting called up by a bunch of Arabs, then going to some apartment where only Arab males are present, then endangering herself even further by sucking on a bottle of Whiskey.

She could have might as well get raped by white Chavs by acting this way.

True, they had no right to rape her and deserve to be hanged, but if she were home in bed at night, like girls her age should be - especially if there's school the next day, the chances of that to happen to here were close to 0.

Where I live we too got teenage whores who get drunk when they should be doing their homework, and sleeping around when they should be asleep.

Why breaking into a bedroom and raping a "good girl" when there are promiscuous teenage tarts who'll come voluntarily and drink willingly?


They're Muslims, for cryin' out loud; they can do whatever the hell they want with a female.


Stout Viking is a little penis, blame the girl cause these fithy scum think that they can do anything they want cause all English women are whores and all english men are pussies. That's the truth of it, stout (can't stop laughing, mate) viking.
You're about as much a viking, from your comment, as the sun circles the earth.


DO NOT blame the woman for saying "no" - blame the guys who committed the crime. What pigs.

Stout Viking

No, Greg, I'm a little vagina, I'm a woman myself. I don't blame her, but it wouldn't happen to her if she would have stayed home and been responsible.

Dumbass, drunk girls are being raped on the left and on the right BY THEIR OWN race too. WHITE CHAVS COULD HAVE RAPED HER. Anyone could have raped her! Where I live it happens all the time that girls, even as young as 12-13, meet up with boys 11-15, get drunk to appear "cool", pass out and get passed around. And their parents don't even ask why their kids are out all night. I thank Gods my folks were more strict with me!

And she couldn't say no, she was drugged and passed out.

No, it doesn't give anyone the right to take advantage of her, but if you rub your only two brain cells together you will realize that May 28th, 2008, was a Tuesday, meaning there is SCHOOL THE NEXT MORNING. And she was 16, meaning she's not supposed to drink alcohol. But no, she said "Fuck school, I wanna bump and grind with my homies!". She was bumped alright!

Read again, dipshit. Her mother was thinking that her little treasure was in bed and fast asleep. SHE SNEAKED OUT. She's the kind of girl who's phone number is written in toilet stalls, is what. "Good girls" get raped too sometimes, but less, for they don't put themselves in such situations. It's like running around a dog kennel with a steak strapped to your neck.

When I was 16, I wasn't handing my phone number around for the world to know and I wouldn't run at it like a starved bitch if being called by a bunch of guys. I was at home on a school night, and I even when I was consuming alcohol, I wasn't gulping hard liquor to impress anyone and always stayed in control.

Greg, you little earseling.
*****I've seen such a passed out drunken girl taken advantage of by HER OWN "FRIENDS" at a parking lot and I chased them away! You couldn't chase a fly away from arse! Good thing I been there, for they only managed to pull part of her clothes off. ******
Be sure this girl is listening to her parents now!

Teens shouldn't be drinking hard liquor. Whenever kids are drunk, there are no "friends" anymore, believe me, I seen it happen, not once.

I'm not saying women should be under lockup, but basic rules of decency and "ladyhood" wouldn't hurt anyone. And yes, many of the guys nowadays (Muslim or not) had long forgotten what meaning a gentleman is AND THEY WILL take advantage of an intoxicated girl.

It's all society that's rotten, is what.


little penis?.... little vagina... no difference a skragg or gelded man, only a piece of shit blames a girl or woman for being raped. The idea is bitch that muslims are taught at home and mosque that they are superior to non-muslims.
That western women are fair fucking game. You are right about women being raped by native britons, but fail to demonstrate why rapists, who draw support from the islamic community, need to be imported. Imported, we have enough of our own scum, why import more?

You are essentially saying that cause this girl made a mistake she deserves what she got. you're a bitch, who should be carefull poetic justice doesn't turn around and bite you in the ass

Bill Gibbons

Those bastards would die if they did that over here. I'm from the UK and now run my own security service in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We wear UK police uniforms, wear body armour and carry batons. The city has given us their socialized housing estates to look after.

Drug dealers, mouthy chavs and other low lifes are dealt witrh ruthlessly (self-defence, of course!) and learn their lesson very quickly. A pity UK coppers are now rendered almost completely useless by social engineering, and multiculturalism. No wonder they are coming over here - at least they get a gun!


Many people in most societies especially many men, mistakenly believe that it is okay to treat a female like rubbish and to take advantage of her whenever possible.

Many men and sometimes women stupidly believe that if a woman dresses a little bit sexy or even shows some interest in going out at night or spending some time with a male that this must mean it's okay to DRUG her and to RAPE her and to GANG rape her and do whatever other criminal evil behaviours as well to her!

Then of course many muslims are the same but ten times worse. Western countries are absolutely stupid for accepting any muslim refugees and for accepting any muslim people who want to move into Western countries.

What about many girls who lack confidence and just want to be accepted and have friends and maybe even a boyfriend?
These girls like any other girls or women do completely normal things like go out and make friends(This is called freedom) and they have to deal with peer pressure etc and there is absolutely no excuse for girls or women to be DRUGGED or RAPED or GANG RAPED or any other criminal behaviour in any western country at all.

It's about time western societies hand out proper punishments for these scum who do these things. Years ago in England a person could get flgged and made a convict with hard labour for many decades just for a miniscule crime like stealing a few slices of bread and that was to actually survive!

Nowdays unfortunately people can drug people and rape and steal cars and drag race on streets and bash people and get off virtually scott free it's disgusting and western societies need to quickly learn a lot from our own past.

Listen you stupid muslims and non-muslims, just because a girl or woman goes out at night and or visits a guy or some guys or even if she says yes to having sex with a guy who she likes, this is very very different from saying yes to wanting to be DRUGGED and RAPED.

All people should stop saying that it is okay to do CRIMES to a woman or girl just because she wants to go out or spend some time with a friend, this is never a justification to do terrible crimes to a person, all you people who believe it's a justification should go and hang yourselves right now!
If you don't then god bless that our judicial systems will stop being push overs and do it for you!!

Making excuses for bad criminals, it's DISGUSTING!!!

Hang these bad criminals, it's about FRIGGEN TIME!!

Peter M

Wow, In Australia it is just as bad. Here we are trying very hard to put pressure on our now idiot prime minister Kevin Rudd who needs to grow some gonads real quick to deal with these muslim assholes. Hopefully he will not last next election.


It might help to stop allowing muslims to freely immigrate to democracies and continue to destroy our political and social institutions. As a Supreme Court justice said many years ago, "The Bill of Rights is not a suiciden pact." Those who would destroy democracy should not have access to it.


what the hell does this horrific article have to do with islam you idiotic, racist, stirring FUCK?

a gang is a gang - the fact that the men happened to be born Muslims has nothing to do with the matter, and probably stems from the fact that ethnic groups tend to cluster when they settle in a country.

Islamic doctrine does not advocate gruesome sexual molestation. If these men are Muslims...they're pretty bad Muslims and I would strongly imagine that Muslim groups would excommunicate them to avoid contamination.

Interesting fact about me: I do not read the Daily Mail


Very well said objective_agnostic, This disgusting crime has got nothing to do with religion, crimes like this happen regardless of race and ethnicity. If these boys had been Muslim, and if they had any knowledge about the religion, they would not have committed these acts.

Justin L

soon the left will be arguing that "the right to rape an unprotected woman is a cultural tradition" and that muslims shouldn't be brutalized by being forced to follow our culturally biased rape laws

sounds ridiculous? we already have voices arguing that because the quran says it's fine for a man to beat his wife, it's intolerant to press charges for domestic violence against muslim women

and of course, the "female genital mutilation is a cultural right" people are starting to come out of the woodwork, not to mention the "forcing girls to wear black bags is a muslim right" people

it's becoming clear that many leftists are more concerned about imaginary racist agendas than very real institutionalized brutality against women


This is fucking retarded just because they are Muslim doesn't mean that all Muslims do this "its like Catholics Priests who touch little, boys so all Catholics touch little boys rape and abuse them. People need to stop generalizing religion. Its ones sick human nature for them to do this not there religion.


Rapists only jailed for eight months? I don't know British law were suck!


Greg so big of you to call our women whores and our men pussies behind your computer. I'd just love for you to say it in front of us and see what happens!
What a muppet!!

Dave Cannon

Its not just Asian or muslims... Look at Barry Mccloud...

הגנה עצמית

The British judicial system also appears to be blindfolded when men recognize that Muslims are responsible for their actions.

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