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October 16, 2009


Philip Saenz

It is so very obvious that Muslim males are depraved sexual perverts. They make up all sorts of excuses so that they can get to a woman's body in one way or another. I might add that these Muslim animals are also sadistic just like their paedophile prophet Muhammad.

Islam is a depraved ideology. I have studied the Islamic Satan's Bible, sometimes called the Qur'an since 9/11, and I have never found any lesson in that depraved book on Morality, Honesty, Justice or Love of Neighbor. It's all Satanic violence in that filthy book, just as most Muslim men are filthy, depraved sexual perverts.

In Islam, old depraved Muslim sex perverts can legally kidnap little girls, legally force the little girls to "marry" them, and then legally rape the little girls. These are very serious crimes in an advanced civilization. That's the problem in Islam countries. All 57 Islamic countries are backward Third World Countries, and the Muslim males in these 57 countries are backward depraved sexual perverts. They're always banging women or animals. Why can't you evolve?

When will the Muslim male animal evolve and grow a human brain? It's a good question. Why can't you SOB Muslim males leave the women alone? Why must you keep them subjugated? Why can't you Muslim male animals evolve and become human? Why can't you treat a woman with dignity?

Devlin se Draak

So much for Islam's much touted "respect for women".

Are moslem men so morally weak that the sight of a firm bosom, or a whisp of hair, can drive them into a fit of sexual frenzy.

Sure, guys, blame everything on the women folk.

Typical woman abuser mentality: See, look what you made me do to you!

IF they were capable of shame, they should be. But shame, at least with respect to men, seems to be alien in their "culture".


have been reporting this issue.long time..Mistreatment of Women.. glimpse of the horrors somali women suffer.. daily..

Somali Islamists Jihadist whip women for wearing bras

... I am finally glad to see Media Paying Attention

Islam is always religion of dignity which respect all opinions and never be religion of sadists or violence and which happen in somal isnot asection of Islam on the other hand Islam fobid this maltreatment of women as women in islam have ther respect which not present in any religion or civilization .Islamic countries are of the tird world not because they are muslim but because they dont follow instructions of Islam.if any one think that Islam is religion of violence or sexual pervert thats because this foreigner is outsider on Islam andcanot understand this perfect religion andneed to learn alot about Islam and its perfection.


There is no moderate MUSLIM. ISLAM slowly turns every MUSLIM in to a fanatic.

Now they will test virginity in public in the name of ISLAM.


Mohammedans from the stone age should not express displeasure at being treated like savages. If they want modernity, they must adopt it wholeheartedly.


We should have just nuked all Muslim countries when we could have. It's really the best damn solution when you think about it.

Akber Ali Jafferi

Shaheen is absolutely correct, Imam Hussain[AS] was martyred to protect Islam and the Qur'an. It is the Shaytaan who influences this hatred from All Sides to allow ignorant reporters to make their dirty income bashing Islam. Just because you may have an education and degree in Journalism does NOT give you the right to incite hatred. IF YOU HAD A CONSCIENCE and a HEART you would have instead said that the POLICIES of this group are terrorist AND these "youths" are attempting to use the Qur'an as their doormat.
As for Brother Mohammed, I really don't understand what you are trying to say. Please explain your statement and define Mohammedans? TRUE MUSLIMS do NOT WORSHIP anyone but ALLAH[SWT], the ONE GOD, OUR CREATOR.

l. laffer

Ban on Burqa should be observed... burqa sucks... and women smell.. .rot.. due to sweat in it all with extreme temperatures in which they live


Shaheen wrote:
"Islam is always religion of dignity which respect all opinions and never be religion of sadists or violence ... "

Okay, so the violence in Somali, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine (Hamas/Fatah), Afghanistan, Sudan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Lebanon, not to mention all the terror attacks in europe etc, (never mind the violence of Mohammed and the rightly guided caliphs or the ~1350 year history of military conquest and raids -raxia)
NONE of this violence has anything to do with Islam? RIGHT.
What 'Islam' are you referring to?
It certainly isn't the Islam that has been practised throughout history.
It's not the Islam of the internet preachers.
It's not the Islam of the "jihadists".
It's not the Islam of Salafists or Wahhabis.
It's not the Islam of Koran, Hadith and Sunnah.

Shaheen wrote: "Islam fobid this maltreatment of women as women in islam have ther respect..."

So this would be why:
1.moslem men have the legal and religious right to beat their wives?
2. Mohammed told women they were inferior to men.
3. A women counts as "half a man" legally speaking.
4. Islam permits men to buy and sell sex-slaves.
5. Wives have to provide "sex-on-demand" for their husbands.

Shaheen wrote: "Islamic countries are of the tird world because they dont follow instructions of Islam."

You are kidding, right?
A study of Islamic history shows that Islamic 'society' grew by conquest. It never developed the sorts of systems that lead to progress and once the "door to Ijtahid" was closed (ie free-thinking was banned) islamic society stultified.

Shaheen wrote: "If any one think that Islam is religion of violence or sexual pervert thats because this... outsider on Islam canot understand this perfect religion and need to learn alot about Islam and its perfection."

Shaheen, you clearly have a deeply ironic sense of humour!
many "outsiders" have made detailed studies of Islam (Koran, Hadith, Sunnah, Sharia and Fiqh) and know a lot about it and its self-proclaimed "perfection".
They know very well what Islam says, without any of the apologetic gymnastics and dissimulation (not to mention outright lies under the guise of "Taqqiyya") that are expounded by many who proclaim that "Islam is the religion of peace".


How could ANYBODY defend the cruel childish nonsense called "Islam"?? I guess it's pretty painful, on the ego, for an Islamist to see the endless idiocy and horror stemming from his, and his ancestor's, "beliefs"...but it's time to wake up now, those few of you Muslims who have any semblance of a human brain ... your religion has brought Hell to this world. Wake up! Get a brain!

bintay hawa

islam is a religion ofpeace,love and our holy prophet show the honour and respect for women without religious discrimination,the history does not show its example.reality is this that it is the propeganda against all islamic countries to defame muslims.just muslim socities have a great respect for women and they understand the value of family r not dominating women.religion never teach bad things it depend on us

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