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October 09, 2009



If that is how they do things in Norway perhaps I will go to the University of Oslo to get my Phd. After I tell them how wonderfully well I am going to to, they might just give it to me saving me years of study.


and here we go again! persident looks great and says hes going to do great things....aaanndd he dosnt.

and infact makes things worse and next election its all going to happen again...idiot looks great, idiot becomes president, idiot fucks things up,

this is why im moveing to australia and not america when the muslims take over the uk...pluss who dosnt like australia? i mean come on!

Stout Viking

The Nobel Peace Prize has been cheapened ever since it was handed out to the terrorist Yasser Arafat. If it were my choice, I'd give it to Benezir Boto (RIP) or Cindy Castano.

What no one seems to understand is that this noble prize IS A SPIN, A SCAM, AND ITS TRUE REASON IS THAT THE VALUE OF THE $ IS GOING STEEPLY DOWN AND THEY WANT TO REVERSE THAT. It was of economic-political reasons. Just watch the stock markets next week and see the $ and American stocks jumping up.

The dollar was on its way to be worth a piece of toilet paper, so they needed something to stir the shit pot up to make it rise. Whenever something "big" happens in the US, their stock market is going crazy and this was the true reason to it.


Interesting to note that by the deadline for nomination submissions to the Nobel Committee, Obama had been in office for only TWELVE DAYS!


The Nobel Peace prized ceased to have credibility after it was awarded to Yasser Arafat in 1994. This latest fiasco merely serves to reinforce that belief.

The Grand Kaffir Of Infidelistan

amonkeyonfire: Mate, beers on ice and I'll light the barbie. C'mon over.

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