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October 21, 2009



Hang em, and hang em high !

Philip Saenz

What did you expect? Sheik Haron is a Muslim, isn't he?

The Muslim god is actually Satan, sometimes called Allah. Satan, the god of the Muslims, is the god of cruelty; the god of hatred; the god of death and destruction. Satan, the god of the Muslims is also the god of suicide bombers; the god of torture; the god of Female Genital Mutilation; the god of old Muslim male sex perverts, who legally kidnap little girls, legally force the little girls to "marry" these old Muslim perverts, and then legally rape these little girls. Satan, the god of the Muslims is also the god that stones women to death while a sadistic crowd cheers; the Muslim god that gouges out eyes, chops off hands and feet of thieves who steal small things such as a piece of bread. So it doesn't surprise me that Sheik Haron sent letters of hatred to grieving families. Muslims are taught to hate from childhood, so what do you expect?


Why do we allow these scum to keep coming here? We need a moratorium on Muslim immigration now.
As an Australian I'm deeply offended by this but as an ex soldier I'm disgusted. Wake up Australia.


Why has all the western nations allowed these scums to come in their countries???? Send them back to all those Islamic pardises from where they have came!!! No if and buts!!!


This is dispicable. They should track down the pig and shoot him

Peter M

Just to let everyone know, the biggest problem we have in Australia is that new births that are born into a muslim family have NO CHANCE other than the rantings of the MUSLIM MOTHER who is charged with the responsibility of teaching the old ways of the karan. They head bang their children as soon as they are old enough to start chanting and make them understand the dirty filthy ways of the west. That western/white woman are hores to be dealt with and that that western populations are a smite on Allah and are all considered as infidels. How do I know this...because I have known christian lebonese who have told me their story of escape for the terror of lebonon and who would rather die here in Australia now..than to wake up 10-20 years down the track when exponentially they have out bread our christian population and full blown civil war erupts..AND this is the FIRM BELIEF of christian lebonese people in Parramatta, Blacktown and other parts of Sydney. These lebonese christians have spoken about this for quite a few years now and have found NO FAITH in the Australian Governments policy of letting in such an aggressive, selfish and divisive religious community. God save us all

A Azmi

I am an apostate. I found real peace and happiness only when I left this terrible cult called Islam. Actually it is not difficult to leave Islam. I just had to read the Koran with translation in English and go through the Hadith of Muhammad. These will show what a monster Muhammad really was.


The sad thing is: we are being gradually taken over and political correctness is preventing people from speaking out.

Thank God I'll be dead by the time the Islamics are running Australia.


To A Azmi:
Congratulations on doing the one thing that all muslims refuse to do: read a translation of the so called "holy" book. I am no, nor ever will be a muslim, but I have read it, that way I cannot be accused of not knowing what it says. I can only hope and pray/meditate to the universe that more will do so. And I do hope that you are in a safe location because of the dictates that says that to leave this cult, one mus die. Take care and watch your back and I truly hope that you and others that follow your example will live to long lives.


Hello to all you guys,

I am an Australian citizen and a Muslim too.
my heart goes out for all those soldiers & their family. I respect & appreciate the sacrifice they give for us( civilians).

I think its not the people's religion that causes problems its the person himself. The act did by the cleric is no way what a true muslim will do. which means he is not a muslim at all.
Islam means peace and any one killing or abusing someone in name of Islam is not a muslim. Jihad means struggle and not attacks. In Islam itself there are different sects.

I belong to a sect where womens are given great importance, no one forced me to marry infact mine was love marriage as oppsose to arrange that you guys would think of. idont wear hijab veil etc. I wear skits jeans etc that any western women wears even though I was born in east. My husband is 2-3 years elder than me. he doesnt have long beared but instead he is clean shaved. he has never forced me for anything whether physically or emotionally. I work I have studied the same level as he has & he wants me to study further do my doctrate.

We do fundraising in our community like Oxfam, blood donations etc.

We donto have any hatred for any religion.

Please donot form your decision about Muslims based on some stupid physcho person who calls himself Muslim.

Islam only means giving, helping without any favours & not revenge or abuse.

I being a muslim was infuriated listening to what cleric did. If all muslims are same why should I get infuriated by such act? there is your answer not every one is same & please donot judge any religion based on handful of stupid people


20 years in the army and a lot of exposure to muslims in their own environment eg: Somalia, Western Sahara, Afghanistan & Iraq has shaped my opinion of Islam.

Any so called moderate muslim is just one who's not really following the quran and haddith as expected.

The religion is sick and muslims are actually its biggest victims in believing it.


"Islam" means "submission" (to the will of Allah/Mohammed) rather than peace itself, though I do agree that both "Islam" and "Salaam" ("Peace") have the same root "slm" in Arabic.
Thus the most developed meaning for "Islam" is probably something like "peace through submission."

This linkage is seen in the Moslem attitude to the non-Islamic (free) World.
Moslems call the non-Islamic parts of the world the "Dar-ul-Harb" ("house of war").
War is the opposite to peace.
Some moslem authorities also define the "Dar-es-Salaam" ("house at peace").
[Yes, I know Des es Salaam is a Tanzanian City too.]
The "house of peace" is an area that has a minority moslem government.
Thus to achieve the moslem idea of "peace" non-muslims must accept Islamic rule.
I'd also suggest that not many in the free world would be willing to do this, given how "peaceful" the "house of Islam" is at present with the ongoing Sunni-Shia fratricide, Taliban-Pakistan bombings etc.

I do realise that many moslems are in fact entirely peaceful, some for the reasons given by Luke, but also there are sects within Islam (eg Ahmadi) who are peaceful by their teachings (though the Ahmadi interpret the Koran with their own "tafseer" and hold Ahmed as a 'demi-prophet').

However, if what you say is true in the main and Islam is peaceful, then can you explain why:
1. ALL international terrorists are moslem.
2. Most domestic terrorists are moslem.
3. Most of the wars and conflicts in the world involve moslems.
4. There are so many Islamic "hate preachers" on the internet.
5. Why "Jihad" is a concept inherent in and unique to Islam.
6. Why Mohammed and the "Rightly guided Caliphs" fought so many wars.
7. Why the Koran and Hadith have many statements about killing unbelievers
8. Why the only "sure fire" way to "paradise" in Islam is if you die on Jihad.

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