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October 08, 2009



I hope the Tories will win...

Here, in France, we refused the islamic finance (but it was proposed) and i think our governement will refuse burqa (answer in december *suspens*) we don't have sharia courts neither...

But mosquees are built with our taxes, we have a muslim council (thanks Sarkosy !), universities were imams are formed opened, no-go areas and muslims crimes over non-muslims because of the jihad... *yay*


Peter M

In Australia our dept of social security Centrelink 3 years ago my then local office in Lakemba stated that they knew full well that muslim males were going overseas and bringing back 14,15,16 year old wives but passing them off as a reunite of family (1st, 2nd cousins)and given refugee status. Then they would occupy/rent a house with these various girls/women and all of sudden there would be 2,3,4 children to that household with no identifiable father (cant force DNA testing under our system). The next step.. particularly in a suburb like Greenacre Sydney that same household would buy the very house they rented. The income they stated was something like 4 pensions (single mother) and a single adult unemployment benefit that was accepted by the bank as a joint purchase and met the income guidelines for repayment of the house loan. Now Centrelink knows this is going on but are completely hog tied and cannot do anything about it because of discrimination law that we made.

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