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October 12, 2009



Women, even little girls are being raped and murdered, and all we are able to do is to say "How horrible". In a properly working society, in which men had not been neutered by feminism, men would be out with clubs, firearms, and torches, surrounding the jail where this rapist was being given right royal treatment.

If we did this, and we used to, then the laws would be changed pretty pronto. This man would have been hanged, and then deported.


So does anyone at all have an insight as to why the British authroities are so lenient? What is in it for them? What the hell is going on over there?


i'll tell you whats in it for them, their jobs. any of them who dare to tell the truth and sentence a muslim criminal suitably is destroyed by the media and labelled as racist and an islamaphobe.
hell even talking back to them is a crime now, people have been charged for that rubbish.

eventually i can imagine it will get to a point where there will be fighting over it, and the media will always side with the invaders since its politically correct.

Philip Saenz

Why should an animal have human rights? I don't get it.


"in which men had not been neutered by feminism"
Don't be stupid. We didn't "neuter" men.
The answer most definitely is not a return to "conservative family values" the answer is us women out with you men "brandishing clubs" - oh, yes, and bringing back the death sentence.

This man seems to be happy in prison. Why should he change?

Stout Viking

Only in little Britain, legislators are fighting for rapists' rights.

Perhaps it's time for some good ole civil justice? Just gather a mob and torch the bastard!

Islamophobe is normal

It is important that the Westerners understand what Islam is all about, and what the growing Muslim population means to free humanity, represented by the West.


There is nothing wrong with being an Islamophobe

Islam is the religion that teaches hatred and violence and intolerance, Since September 11, 2001, there have been over 14,205 terrorist attacks, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and a lot more injuries, throughout the world. The perpetrators of these attacks were not monsters; they were Muslims. Islamic terrorism is a new phenomenon; Islam owes its success to terrorism. The founder of Islam boasted, "I have been made victorious with terror". Muslim jihadis are following the footsteps of their prophet who bragged, "I have been made victorious with terror".


Britian is lost....defend the Americas


The time is approaching to fight back against this immigrant crime wave dragging this country down into the sewer. 4000 foreign criminals a year 'flee' to Britian to exploit our soft touch justice system.

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