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October 29, 2009



"As he was taken away to serve his sentence Nachet screamed: "I want to go back to my country. I want to go back to Morocco. This is not right. I want to be sentenced in Morocco. This is racist."

Mein Qurampf 33:59 tells the followers of allah (mahound's imaginary alter-ego) that mahoundian non-penis-possessing, jihadist-breeding half-male mobile tents (individuals known as WOMEN in civilized corners of this planet where they have the same legal status as men) should shroud themselves in order to "be identified as 'troo-beeleevares™' and, therefore, not be molested." In other words, Mein Qurampf, that hate-filled door-stopper originated in Arabia, says that non-mahoundian women CAN BE RAPED BY "DA TROO BEELEEVARES™". That's why that piece-of-shi'ite rapist wants to be sentenced in its (not his) native Morocco, where it would never be found guilty of raping a non-mahoundian woman; there, Moroccan "judges" would confirm that dirtbag's quranic "right" to rape and do whatever it pleases with non-mahoundians (including, among other things, murdering them or selling/"owning" them as slaves.)


listen kafir there are thousands or millions of christians who rape Nancy grace , many similar stories with urs . Just because hes a muslim ull have to critizise. Ur a racist!

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