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September 17, 2009



It seems like the only ones who are not protected by diversity laws are the Native Brits, themselves.

The parents and grandparents of today's Brits must be turning over in their graves.

They fought two world wars to protect their freedoms and culture. Now their decendants are letting invaders dictate their actions.

Shame on all of you.


Ship them all back to where they came from without recourse to appeal.

This has gone on long enough and people all over the world have to stop these barbarians from taking over as they are now trying to do.

The London train bombings, 9/11 and the thousands of attacks brought upon unsuspecting "kufars" like this one tell me that Islam has no place in the civilized world and never has.

After all, it brought to the world the word assassin many centuries ago. And the 1972 Munich massacre caused a reporter to coign the word "terrorist" to describe the perpetrators of the massacre.

I will accept it as a religion only when synagogues, Christian churches and temples of other faiths are freely allowed in Mecca and Muslim countries so that people of other faiths can worship and dress as they please.

I will accept it as a religion only when women and non-believers are treated with equal respect and dignity as Muslim men are treated by each other and by their leaders.

I will accept it as a religion when it calls for and end to world conquest by any means necessary.

I will accept it as a religion only when followers are able to freely criticise or reject any of Islam's scriptures, laws, tenets and doctrines and are allowed to leave it without fearing for their lives or the lives of their families and friends.

I will accept it as a religion when it stops arranged child marriages, "honour killings" and female genital mutilation.

Finally, I will accept it as a religion only when its followers openly reject and stop the violence, the destruction and the hatred towards others that have marked their practices for over 1,400 years.

I will accept it as a religion when Islam stops being Islam.

Until then, I regard it as an ancient, total control system thinly disguised as a religion.

Philip Saenz

Those Muslim thugs were practicing their religion. The following is taken from Satan's Bible, sometimes called the Qur'an. There are about 109 violent passages in Satan's Bible, sometimes called the Qur'an, something like the following:

"Make war on the infidels around you,"(Sura 9 Verse 123 and Sura 66 Verse 29).

"Be ruthless to the infidels," (Sura 48 Verse 29).

"Fight those who believe not Allah nor the Last Day,"(Sura 9 Verse 29).

"If someone stops believing in Allah, kill him,"(Al-Bukhari 9:84:57).

"Kill the disbelievers wherever you find them,"(Sura 2 Verse 191).

"The unbelievers are the worst beasts in the eyes of Allah,"(Sura 8 Verse 55).

Now do you believe me when I said that those Muslim thugs were practicing their religion?

Why not ban Satan's Bible, sometimes called the Qur'an, from England? Or if England is going to allow immigrants, why not make the Muslims denounce all the violent passages of Satan's Bible?

We must destroy Islam and Dhimmis before Islam and Dhimmis destroy us.


Any representative of that rag that stated Henry 'barged' into the group in a school corridor should be targeted in no uncertain effect, remember the traitor is far worse than the enemy...


I've just been blogging about this also - isn't it horrendous?

Can you imagine if it had been a Christian, or Jewish, or Hindu group, attacking Muslim pupils? There would - rightly - have been an outcry.

But typically, when it's a Muslim gang causing the problems, the school looks the other way and as you so rightly note, the mainstream media tries to spin the story to make the NON Muslim culpable - even when he's clearly not and there were multiple witnesses who will testify to this!

Greg Weir


I'm an American, living in San Diego, California, and we have Latino gang violence and problems that plagues neighborhoods throughout CA. Fortunately they prey on their own, and it's usually Latino-on-Latino (gang) violence. Our law enforcement doesn't put up with their crime and violence and will hunt them down and arrest them if they're suspected of committing crime(s).

I don't understand the liberal immigration policies going on in Europe, and it's destroying London, Paris, and other wonderful places. And, where are all those British soccer hooligans when you need them? They need to go into these areas and kick some butt! Come on Brits, take care of this! And you really need to STOP the unchecked immigration from 3rd world countries, particularly from Muslims.


Along with millions of others, I am SO sick of hearing "asians" and "racist".

When are the Asians going to come out and complain about having their ethnic characteristics misused to describe a group of viscous nationalistic islamists?

Come on Asians - get offended!


I'm from New Zealand. Although a fifth generation Kiwi from Scottish pioneers, the UK still remains an important part of my heritage. It's just horrifying to read what is happening in the once 'Great' Britain. And with the Lisbon Treaty now appearing to put the British border control into the hands of the EU dictatorship the Muslim problem up there is only going to get worse.

Where's a Winston Churchill when you need him? Fight, people, fight! The spineless PC politicians won't do it for you - take back your country before the situation gets any worse. If Muslim thugs tried that sort of crap down here in NZ they'd get their backsides handed to them.

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