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September 23, 2009



An important typo: you've said Armenian somewhere. What an insult. Armenians are great people, the shield of Christendom. The thug is Albanian Muslim. Me being Albanian Christian would not have doubt from far away in the matter.


if I'm ever going to commit a murder, i'll make sure I do it on UK soil. 12 yrs for a brutal murder?!?! WTF is wrong with you people? He should get the chair!

Iain UK

Could not agree with you more
infed4life, 12 yrs is a national disgrace, not only to this country but also to the family of "Bob". 12yrs and he'll serve what 8 at the most.


Used to be hanging on the first Sunday after being found guilty of murder.
None of this hanging around on death row for years.
But with no death sentence and men's prisons full, short sentences are all we can expect.
Question: Any statistics on how long women get for murder?


OK, don't all shout at one - of course it was the THIRD Sunday!

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