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September 02, 2009


Philip Saenz

That should not surprise anyone who understands Islam. The Muslim Taqiyya teaches that it's okay for Muslims to lie. So all Muslims are doing when they lie, is that they are practicing their religion.

Muslims are also taught that husbands may beat their wives, stone women to death, commit legalized adultery, torture little girls when Muslims perform Female Genital Mutilation on them, murder daughters in an Honor Killing for almost any flimsy excuse, for example, not wearing a Muslim rag on her head. Muslims also practice their violent religion by hanging homosexuals by the neck until dead, allowing depraved old Muslim male sex perverts to legally kidnap little girls, then legally forcing the little girls to "marry" them, and then legally raping the little girls as young as seven years old. Islam is the cruelist religion in the world, a killing machine, a most hateful ideology led by hateful people like Anjem Choudary.

Let's face it; Islam comes from Satan, sometimes called Allah. So Allah is actually Satan, the god of sex perverts, the god of torture, the god of cruelty, the god of polygamy, the god that allows Muslim males to have their own private brothels. Not long ago, one Muslim sex pervert was discovered with 85 "wives." If that's not a private brothel, then, what is it?

I declared war on Islam the day after 9/11, and I swear that I'll expose all the rot that Islam, together with Satan, teaches.

I have discovered the following in Satan's Bible, sometimes called the Qur'an: No where in the Muslim Satan's Bible will you find a lesson on Morality, Justice, or Love of Neighbor. There is nothing on ethics in Satan's Bible, i.e., the Qur'an. And as far as Anjem Choudary goes, he should be given the death penalty for inciting, and spewing all that satanic hatred all over England. Too bad he's not here in America. Here, we strike back. We fight. We'll never let Satan's religion, i.e., Islam, to rule in our country.

Philip Saenz

There are several civilian armies in the USA in case foreign evil thugs try to take over. Some of those armies use hollow pointed ammunition filled with dry pig meat. We'll make sure those Muslims don't get those 72 virgins.

Sam Thickett

Looks like a Muslim probably screwed Philip's wife / girlfried or sister and he found out later.. only that could create so much hatered in a person...other wise these fucken Christans have been fucking the whole world for the last so many hundered's of years till today and Philip is probably blind to all that...but than everyone knows that more than half the US population is retarded...:))))

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