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September 18, 2009



are we in this country just gonna allow this to happen, we might think it dosen't affect us cos we live in a different part of the country.. but think again there will be no stopping the growth of this takeover if we all sit back and do nothing.or the first time in my life i have now decided to support the BNP cos i simply see no other option with the other spineless political parties in this country.

Jaan Krats

First of all throw that blind coward Brown out with his team who do bring in millions of these muslim gangsters. Than put a stamp on the muslim butts and send them all back to their desert.
Throw them all out, do not allow one to stay.


I'd like to think the British will explode at some barbaric Muslim act and cleanse their nation of Islam. But now I wonder.

I got a good laugh at the Muslims being called anti fascist protesters last week by the tards of the left (center and conservatives too for that matter). You will need another ten thousand of your brothers killed and a hundred thousand of your daughters and sisters raped by Muslims before you shake your enfeebled heads.

Reap what you sow they say.


Europeans and Americans will share the fate of the indians (Native Americans)
Europeans and Americans have become the Indians (native americans) of this age, the apache, the aztecs, the mayan and the incas all dissapeared to give way to the european lead civilazation, they invited the Europeans with good heart but unfortunate for them, they just come with two things on mind, how to get their resources and how to exterminate them (look at any north american city there are hardly any Indians and if there are are in Reservations and never has been an Indian president). European and American leaders are doing what the Indian leaders did, inviting their enemies to their land and to their positions of power (see obama for example the first muslim president and the one who will destroy the West).
Christianity was first removed by the seculars and socialists just to make room for Islam the belief of the new Conquistadors.
Just as the conquistadors of the indians did with their machine guns, they used on anyone in their path, in the same way Iran and Pakistan will use their atomic weapons first on America, they won't put their nukes on a Museum as the West is doing with their Nukes.
Time that the Neo cruzadors wake up, Jihadist listens to our theme.

Were not submissive, were not aggressive
But they think we cant defend

Stand up, join us, modern crusaders alive
We have the power to face the future
Cause we are the fighters
Just fighting for our rights

Theyre accusing, like always without knowing
What is just fiction or what is the truth
They have no mission, they have no passion
But they dare to tell us whats bad and whats good!

Drive on
And weighted down,
Always enslaved.(just like islam all slaves)

Stand up, join us, modern crusaders alive!


Dear People of UK. You mustn't read this stuff. Read more about the Beckhams, Prince Harry, say... whats happening on Idol? Thats it... back to sleep for a while.
just a little longer now.


churchill turns around in his grave
what has become of the brave british?
not that we are doing so good here either..(holland)
but I must say that your country is the most dhimmitude country at the moment. next time dont vote for labour.
greetings from holland


This article makes me laugh. Don't act so innocent we are all victims of some sort of injustice regardless of race colour or religion. U people are more worried about what's happening in eastenders and getting drunk. British people are arrogant and lack respect. People here don't even respect their mother and father ! First re-learn family values and learn to respect/help your neighbours and friends. Don't blame others when your own thinking is diseased.

Greg Weir


I'm an American, living in San Diego, California, and we have Latino gang violence and problems that plagues neighborhoods throughout CA. Fortunately they prey on their own, and it's usually Latino-on-Latino violence. Our law enforcement doesn't put up with their crime and violence and will hunt them down and arrest them if they're suspected of committing crime(s).

I don't understand the liberal immigration policies going on in Europe, and it's destroying London, Paris, and other wonderful places. And, where are all those British soccer hooligans when you need them? They need to go into these areas and kick some butt! Come on Brits, take care of this! And you really need to STOP the unchecked immigration from 3rd world countries, particularly from Muslim countries.


Aren't you Brits allowed to feel that Britain is your country anymore? It's all well and good to be kind to guests, but your guests are ingrates and criminals who want to see you kicked out of your own country. Where is the common sense? Your leaders are destroying Britain. Get new leaders.
-- Best wishes from the U.S.

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