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August 15, 2009



I understand that usually you must be Catholic to attend a Catholic school. It doesn't appear that the Muslims are converting so why are they in these schools?

Gary Rumain

What the hell? Why don't these arselifters go to their own schools?

Bianca, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Why don't you send these terrorists back to their own country's. Muslims allways want special treatments and never want to adapt to the culture they invated. Throw them out!! When we go to a muslim country we have to adapt to their culture and religious beliefs. But when they come to our country they have to adapt to our culture. If they don't like this they can pack their bags and go home!! Westerners should be more proud of their herritage and shouldn't accept big mouths from muslims.

fagla bhai

mwahahahahahah,we r coming mother fuckers.


we are waiting - just come a little closer muslim.

Annabel Schneider

There doesn't have to be a reason to send them away or to sterilise them. People stopped having too may children for a reason.
Get these people out. They haven't been here that long only a few decades.
They can overpopulate their countries and then have to deal with the problems.We don't have to give up practising the faith to help other people become stronger than us.
People don't like muslims because they face the wrong directon. We like some of them to be here because this appears to be the way of things but not in large numbers causing damage to the rest of the people simply by their existance. We are forcing ourselves to hide behind closed doors. WE can't bring our children up able to go outside without feeling ill at the sight of other religeous people who do not fit in with their religeon or race or whatever. They do not need integration - definitely not please! They need to be sent out now before it's too late


Wow, as a white British muslim, where can I go LOL! People are so ignorant. This is one world and people should be able to live wherever they want. Grow up!!

Account Deleted

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