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August 20, 2009



The same situation is in India, Indian Govt and Media is quiet with Hindus are killed, or a hindu organization talks about Hindus cause he is branded as fundamentalist, but when Muslim org talks about Muslims they are secularist. People of India are fed up too, there is a big conspiracy I think , Internationally.


They'll call it positive engagement with a minority community in order to promote community cohesion in a multicultural, multifaith society'. (say this in a nasal, preferably female, mild northern accent) ;)

We'd just call it 'scared of Muslims'.


Now, I'm all for removing the demonic force call islam...but for a moment I couldn't help but think of the tables turned on whites. Doesn't feel good, huh, to be attacked just for being white does it? Your own medicine leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you're the one who has to swallow it.

So I say, instead of looking at it along racial you've done for a long, long time....view this as a spiritual war with islam the main enemy.

In order to fight back it'll take all people, no matter the color, as long as they don't worship that demonic/pagan god allah.

Most importantly, we need to get back to our God, the true God...Repent!


Get the fuck out of here. Blacks rape 100 white women every single day in the US and you talk about our medicine.If we gave you your medicene you'd reap a whirlwind you knew nothing about. Would Pakis allow white no go areas in Lahore.


In Oslo over the last three years ALL rapes and serious sexual assaults were carried out by immigrants, mainly Kurdish Moslems. Do you remember the Kurds? They live on land taken from the Armenians after the Kurds and Turks massacred them in World War 1.


why do the media not report crime's that muslims do but go mad if a white person does the same crime why

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