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July 09, 2009



Send them ALL back!

Once and for ever!

We don't need them here.

May the west prevail.

Kafir and proud.

Philip Saenz

In my state we execute murderers of that caliber.

Britain is much too soft on criminals.


Execute him and deport the rest. They offer no value to your society


why don't you file a case against islam for slandering british people? that can start a public debate? there is lot of stuff for preparing a case against islam

Stuart 1956

I was a very close friend of the victim David Cooper, David was of very slight build and was certainly not a violent person. This scumbag, tried everything he could to try and turn things around to his benefit but thankfully, it didn't work.

joe kaffir

How should we deal with izlam and it's followers?

".....kill enough of the enemy until they stop killing you"
.....General Curtis Lemay during WW2


as a family member of david id just like to say..
as much as everyone is very happy that justice has now been done and glad that he is now locked up we cannot stereotype all muslims.
yes they have a different religion but they are not a different human being.
this horrific act cannot be explained and it has left all the family in pieces and everyone is happy to see his lies didnt fool anyone.
however there happens 2 b sycotic heartless scum like him in every race and religion not just islam.


Deport these garbage to whichever scum country they came from . Stop immigration from Islamic countries

Philip Saenz

You mean to say that Britain finally punished a Muslim creature for murdering someone? It's about time Britain did something correctly to a Muslim murderer.

Philip Saenz

To the person who said that we can't stereotype Muslims: All authentic Muslims are the same, genuine criminals. The truly nice so-called Muslims are not authentic Muslims. I hope the nice so-called Muslims realize that they are not following the violent passages that are in The Islamic War Manual, sometimes called the Qur'an. Since they are not following teachings of The Islamic War Manual, they shouldn't call themselves Muslims, but only nice people. I've met some so-called Muslims that were not at all like the paedophile, child abuser, rapist of a child, polygamist, adulterer, whoremonger, slave owner, wife beater, Muhammad. In fact, they were so nice they were more like Jesus Christ than their false prophet Muhammad.


"...scum like him in every race and religion, not just Islam."
This is our biggest problem, really: Being too PC to acknowledge, or even learn, what Islam is about, what the Koran teaches, the fatwas issued by Islamic scholars, the examples of the life of Mohammed. Like my friend Philip (above) says in other words, a practicing Muslim is inherantly dangerous to the West and the unbeliever and even to those Musliums who ignore the parts of the teachings they see as evil. Because many Muslims ignore much of their religion doesn't mean the religion is peaceful. Of course there are good Muslims; the ones ignoring much of their religion. Those who practice it to the T are inherantly evil and dangerous. Jihadists, Wahhabis, terrorists and their supporters are simply practicing their religion - in the eyes of true Muslims, these are the good Muslims.

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