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July 26, 2009


john in cheshire

There are now so many articles about the behaviour and attitudes of muslims in the so-called caring professions, that I am fearful of ever having to spend any time in hospital. Would I be justified in asking for non-muslims to look after me, in such an eventuality?

A Jew With a View

I was yelling with frustration when I read the story about some Muslims refusing to use the alcohol-based handwashes. I was then yelling even more loudly when I read that some councils are actually GIVING IN TO THIS LUNACY.

It really defies all logic.

Great post!

On a separate note, I've now sorted out my new site and will be adding you to my blogroll today :)


Re: Swine flu. It can't possibly be co-incidence that swine flu hotspots are East London, Birmingham and Leicester.

A Jew With A View

And now we actually have some female police officers being made to don head scarves if they enter a mosque! Surely the point of the police is that they should be seen as neutral and not identifying with any *one* faith?

Here's a link:

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Mohammed Jamil

you fucking ditty faggit motherfucker you think you so big just because you live in a world run by jews you can slag us of you dirty piece of shit.
Treat people how you want to be treated yeah is that not the teachings of the bible. I am a muslim brought up in a roman Catholic primary school i read the bible{ I doubt you even understand that parts of the Bible match the Quran}
How can you tell us to go back in to our countries when it was you faggits who came to our countrys took over used us for your national service{what a joke!!!} when we wanted to partition ourselves you had to go and split our countrys for the better sake they dont stick together and shit and piss on ya. So how can you blame us when you made us?
If you didnt come to india and fuck it up we stil would have been in our own country. So dont think whatever is happening is our fault you faggit fuck faces started and invented all this bullshit to undermine us and make us look weak but We all know the truth that when the world ends it is the Muslims who will overcome and prosper in this life and the next. You can bring us to this country brainwash us with all the shit you want but I dont care what goes around comes around.

The Grand Kaffir Of Infidelistan

Mo, if, as you say, you were educated in a Catholic school you really couldn't have been paying too much attention. Or you may just really be stupid.
How do you expect us to take your rantings seriously when you can't even spell simple words like dirty and faggot?
Your quran and pedophile prophet made muslims the way they are, not us.

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