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July 27, 2009




The lot of you brits allowing this to go on unchecked- you'll get your multi-cult PC loving nation... but dont get used to it. Those muslim asses you're kissing today will be subjecting you tomorrow.


I could possibly see a female police officer wearing her cap into a mosque to satisfy their belief that a woman should be covered, but to expect her to veil is an insult to the female police officer, the police dept, and the nation as a whole.

Remember, it is the moslems who come to our countries, not us to theirs.

It is they that must accomodate our customs, not us THEIRS!


Maybe this is actually a blessing in disguise. If news of this blatant disregard for our values is made more public, people may finally wake up to the truth.

Western society is being colonised by the malignant influence of an evil totalitarian so-called "faith". I yearn for the day when open war is declared and Islam itself is wiped off the face of the earth. All utopian societies have a dark heart beating beneath the surface...

A Jew With A View

I blogged about this too and was literally yelling with sheer frustration when I first read the news.

This is nothing but lunacy.

If a non Muslim woman wishes to enter a Mosque during her free time, then yes - of course she should don a headscarf.

But policewomen?????

The police are meant to be neutral - and must be SEEN as such. They should NOT be showing allegiance to any ONE faith in this way.

Do policemen don turbans in Sikh temples? No.

Do they put skullcaps on when going into Synagogues? No.

Do they kneel in Church?

If it's during work hours then they do NONE of the above. So why on earth do policewomen need to put on headscarves in Mosques???

They're not going there to PRAY for crying out loud!


Islamic nations don't bother to respect other religions. Why should we respect their religion .They should in turn follow Western culture or leave the country and go back to which ever pathetic nation they came from!

Jonathan Bowling

Britain, WAKE UP!!! Fight this!! This is the new cold war, the new fascists that are trying to take over the new war. Please stand up and counter this. I don't know what you beliefs are or faiths, but I do know you believe in a free republic like the American people. I see what's happening in Sweden now and I see what's happening in your country. I'm starting to see it happening in America. I pray for you as you counter this tyranny, like I will have to counter it as well.


As a muslim woman myself I find this totally disgusting. Muslim women are fighting to get rid of the evil veil and gain some freedom in a muslim male dominated society but stupid british women are doing this. Why? stupid stupid STUPID! I'm so mad I don't know what else to say.


you know much of the information in oyur article is wrong. first of all muslim men and women only have to purify themselves after having sexual intercourse, not after casual handshakes and all, and secondly a muslim woman is not suppose to cover her head in religious places, its not written anywhere, its just a sign of respect followed by most of the muslims who want an easy way out. actually a muslim woamn is suppose to cover her head infront of all males except the blood relative males. you are the one who looks like a lunatic to me when you sit out to publish an article on something you don't even know about, and just a tip, next time come up with some real evidence instead of just gossip and whatever the little hell you know about islam. by the way, i am also not sure why they ordered british police officers to wear scarf, there must be some own motive of theirs trying to pin this on islam. ofcourse non muslims are not expected to follow islam, HELLO!! thats why they are called non muslims!!!!!

infidel and proud of it

Tooba, dont bring your filthy muslim apoligetic crap on, you are just typical of the wankers that always come out and cry islam is misunderstood and people dont know what its about, well your crap doesnt wash anymore, people have started to wake up to your bullshit, dont be misled yourself into beliving that idiots like the policewoman in the picture are the main, HELLO!! dont you realise the civilised world no longer want to listen to your crap about the religion of peace, misunderstanding of the muslim faith, muslims are oppressed, and all the other bullshit you try to push, thse days are gone, decent people tryed to understand you and they got shit for their troubles, so get over it, the religion or should I say cult of islam is nothing more than an evil fairytail made up by pig men that use it as a tool to surpress woman and people that are weaker, and if not stopped it will bring about the end of all things good in this world, islam= death,misery,oppression,and evil.


looks like you didn't read my post, i never said muslims were opressed or that islam is misunderstood. where in the hell did you get al that from any way??????????
all i said was give me some real material instead of shitting around. you didn't give me any real material either in your reply infidel. i don't want the civilized world to listen to my crap about religion of peace, all i am saying is, do some solid research before writing articles.
but what the hey, you seem like you haven't even read my post before posting your reply, let alone actually researching for solid material.


I don't know what you beliefs are or faiths, but I do know you believe in a free republic like the American people.

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