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June 11, 2009


Douglas Reed

If a country's flag offends those that visit, or even those that live there, they are free to return from whence they came, or leave to seek a country more to their liking.

The top brass are fools and should be shown the door.


Britons who are still proud of their country shouldn't give in to such outrageous politically-correct demands.

Would any of those mahoundian walking tents or ninjas that roam British streets dress in skirts, pants, dresses, shirts or t-shirts to avoid offending people like us with their disgusting attire for slavery to allah (and their misogynistic husbands who sure don't even consider them human beings)? No.

Protests by mahounds demanding sharia law in Western countries also offend the living crap out of me; but, unlike us infidels, they enjoy complete and unrestricted freedom of speech to vomit their monumental loads of mahoundian supremacist BS. And we're supposed not to be offended by that, but to celebrate it as one of the "joys of a multicultural society"? Give me a break!

More flags, more pins, more displays of British patriotism, that's what Britain needs... And, if those invading mahoundian aliens don't like it, they're free to save the money they get from their welfare checks to buy a ticket back to Porkistan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or any other of those "paradises of the prophet/conman mahound" (ETBUHRE.**)

**Eternal Torment Be Upon His Rear End.


It is no the fault of Muslims for demand things or say against things which offend them , it is us who let them get away with that, and they know our weakness.So what are we going to do? I say get rid of Labour Party before we can do any thing.


This is why the BNP has success.

C'mon people, show some common sense!!!

Terry, Eilat - Israel

First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people ...
Boy, are you Brits screwed.
You are committing national suicide - I guess that's why you are so anti-Israel because we don't want to do the same ....


An adaptation I did of a famous poem about Nazis by Pastor Martin Niem?ller.

Muslim outrage:

At first, the Muslims were outraged by cartoons but I didn't speak up because I wasn't an artist.

And then the Muslims were outraged by history books and news but I didn't speak up because I don't read much.

And then the Muslims were outraged by women who weren't completely veiled but I didn't speak up because I'm not a woman.

And then the Muslims were outraged by the practice of other religions but I didn't speak up because I'm not very religious.

And then the Muslims were outraged by the existence of Infidels so when they came for me … there was no one left to speak up.

The last line is the ultimate goal of Islam the rest are just steps towards that goal.


Dear Brits,

please do something against this kind of appalling Dhimmitude. It is a shame for a once proud nation to face step-by-step subjugation. If there is anyone in Europe who can do something about it, then it is you. We, the Germans, are automatically considered nazis by our own press and politicians if we oppose islam. And it works: nobody dares to voice their opinion, a thing granted to us in our constitution. You, on the other hand, don't carry that stigma. Your fathers and grandfathers helped free Europe from suppression 65 years ago. It is time to do it again.


Britain lost for the good old european World!


See, Britain has been a colonial power in the past and some of the immigrants coming from Britain's ex-colonies associate the Union Jack with the redcoats who blew their pappy from the mouth of cannons. Maybe that's why they still feel a lump in their throat when they see the Cross of St George, of St Andrew and of St Patrick.


Shaun -I normally don't respond to comments as I feel I've had my say in my blog and the comment section is for my readers to do the same. Yet I've read the 'straw man' argument you've put forward - many times before.
No one that uses to it seems to be able to answer as to why America/Americans - who had a bloody war for independance with Britain -don't feel 'offended' by the British flag. Why is it the muslim continue to be so offended? -----Undoubtedly this is due to their supremacist based political ideology known as Islam and their desire for a Global Caliphate.


Dear britains!
I'm upset. What next with islamization? I think british Dhimmis are crazier then there german brothers. Their politically correctness is a plague but the british will top it. I bet that there is a cross, affect by many muslims: The Swastika. I'm afraid of european future.
Greetings from Hamburg, Germany, Ed

Stand alone

Europe is going to be Doomed by Islam-Fascists.


It beggars belief..
I am offended by the mobile letterboxes I see walking our streets, I am offended by the latest wave of immigrant to arrive here, I am offended by these new upstarts who wish to inflict on us their own form of facism, I am offended by the behaviour of our communist (in all but name), social engineering Government.
Why do we need to change?
If the Muslim is not willing to alter his way of thinking, then they are perfectly entitled to go to a Moslem country, and lets see how they fare in the benighted homeland of Islam.
They have only to ask and we will happily pay the fare for them to return to a more tolerant place.


Hans, I am an American of partial German ancestry. Unfortunately I've never visited Germany. It's hard to understand why your press would label criticizers of islam as nazis when nazis and islamists have the exact same driving force which is anti-Semitism. Here in US its called 'racist' or 'islamophobic' by the 'leftards' who sadly were joined with others who became financially scared, voting Obama in (again sadly!) During the Gaza conflict some palestinian protestors in the US were labeling Jews as "nazis" which was too ridiculous. We are fighting islamization everyday in whatever way we can. Reading blogs, posting here, connecting with others for discussion, boycotting whatever we can identify, reducing dependence on ME oil, whatever we can do we will. Of course not everyone in the US is fully awake yet, we're working on it.


It took me awhile to get what screamingmad meant by mobile post boxes--yeah, I used to see a few in the city, at mall and grocery. And I said what is this the frickin talaban?!? I moved from the city. Hope you guys don't have to move but we would love to have you if it ever becomes necessary.


The argument TheOpinionator made about why doesn't America hate Britian for its colonial past in America, while the moslems use that tired old chestnut over and over (and over...) to justify their continued terror campain against the world, was BRILLIANT!

What an inspiried answer to an insipid question.

I'm gonna use it myself, if you don't mind.




Thanks for the compliment -feel free to it! It's high time we get rid of that hackneyed muslim canard.

Jon C

Several points:
I'm sad to see that in the Met that Gay and Lesbian emblems must be (according to their statement) "approved corporate badging" whilst the Country's flag is not!
Does that seem as odd to you too? btw I have nothing against G&L folk - it is the juxtaposition that is weird.

I fear Khalsa has a very good point. Many Muslims have no problem with the Union Flag/Jack (or the Red Cross one either - though it is the Red Crescent in Islamic Countries which is reasonable enough after all), very often it is the PC brigade (white, stupid, panders) who thinks they will be.

Craig T also has it right. Here's another aphorism about Islam vs the rest,
a non-muslim speaks it:
"When I was in power you demanded your rights and freedoms, because that was according to my principles. When you took power you took away my rights and freedoms, because that was according to yours"(principles).

I'm sorry to say that in reality there is too much evidence to show that we can do much about this (at least at present). The problem is the PC brigade and Islamicists have realised that all they hae to do so silence (or at least dis-credit) debate is to scream "RACIST!" or "ISLAMOPHOBE" as loud as they can.
I'm sure you know the saying about "He who shouts loudest..."

Shaun - 's a funny thing how many of our ex-colonies have a positive attitude to the UK. One of the reasons there is still a commonwealth with 100+ member countries in it!

Another thing I have never "got"...
Muslims are always pointing to the crusades as a dreadful event. Now, I can go along with that, they weren't good or Christian for that matter. BUT, seems to be claimed that this event so traumatised the whole Worldwide Islamic psyche that all cross symbols are now "offensive" and must be replaced.
What about the Islamic "crusades" that PRE-DATED the "Christian" ones, when the crescent advanced through Europe into France and, on another occasion sacked Rome itself? Surely that must have similarly traumatised the Worldwide Christian psyche just as badly (in fact worse since relentless Muslim assaults were made on Christian countries from the time of the Abu Bakr onwards - the crusades can be looked on as an eventual military response from the West) so surely by like reasoning all crescent sysmbols should be removed to prevent "offence" to us?

I am sorry to say that this "remove all crosses" sort of thing is only aiding the Islamisation of Britain/Europe.
I only wonder whether the people who aid it (often majority indegene) are stupid (surely not all?!), ignorant (very likely) or in league with the Islamicists who would destroy our civilisation.

And yes, this sort of thing does give the BNP in Britain and other extremist parties in Europe a entree.

Jon C

I've just red the "Red Crystal" article too.

I suspect that this new symbol may be needed in today's world.
Not that any civilised person would attack the Red Cross.
Not that any civilised person would attack the Red Crescent.
So who would fire on those rescuing the wounded? It wouldn't be Moslem insurgents/suicide bombers/ambulance hijackers would it?
Would a "red crystal" help in those situations, well maybe; it would be nice to think so wouldn't it...
It would be nice to think that un-armed men and women risking their own lives to succour the wounded of all sides/faiths etc wouldn't be fired on.
But, personally, I doubt it will make a difference.
In a conflict between civilised people and barbarians it is foolish to expect the barbarians to act in a civilised manner.

Conservababe in the U.S.

The crescent offends me. The burkha offends me. What 'cha gonna do about that? As a matter of fact, the crescent offends my religion, because of how muslims treat Christians. So -- I demand action!

P.S. Like your site. I read a lot about your islam problem, and I support you. Please support us with getting our muslim president out of office. Thanks.

fuck islam

Insane! They should have all refused! NO FUCKIN WAY would anyone here tell me to remove an American flag pin. Of course there is our president/destroyer Obama who refused to wear one himself!

I hope more people are beginning to realize what is going on.




truth on

anjem choudhari's ancestry is indian hindu .... the hari in his surname means GOD or RAMA in HINDU CULTURE....find out his ancestry and see where he comes from ..... he'll re-convert to hinduism in a jiffy and then islam had better watch out….
first things first .... the koran is not a holy is the most evil and racist and sexist book ever written. it is a slur to the written word. it is an insult to human intelligence. have no doubt. read it to disbelieve it . all muslims should be trying to get out of islam's clutches . all muslims should be trying to get out of islam's clutches not only for their sake and their children's sake but for the sake of their forefathers and foremothers who were converted to this evil and vile cult by the sword and fright. Forget Christianity if it’s such a big issue …muslims need to move out en masse to something like buddhism.

muslims should start realising that their forefathers were forced into this blood thirsty cult by blood and sword.they became muslims out of fear not because they loved islam. the new generation should set their forefathers' mistakes right by getting out of islam en masse (in big groups) and returning to their old peacefull religions of their great great grand parents before the muslims came and turned their lives and morals upside down. whatever is preached in that cult is the exact opposite of what good people and citizens should be. start the change now. only the muslims can help themselves smash this evil cult that has got them and their women and children by the throats.

The west should be helping muslims with a free service or a nominal charged service which could trace each of their ancestral roots or religion practiced before they had to bow to allah or die horribly. Then the choice would be theirs to continue in this evil cult or opt out to what was their lifestyle or religion before the madness came. The service could be called BEFORE THE MADNESS . the educated west has to help these barbaric people see the light of peace and laughter so their children and women may appreciate the sunlight which is our planet’s birthright.

Sandra Rowe

I am horrified by this decision, we all should be proud of our Union Jack and what it represents. If you cannot respect the Union Jack & all the Britishness about, go & live somewhere else. We have rights aswell. Stop trying to repress us. don't tell us


Does anyone know who actually said this and when? This is an interesting aphorism that another poster shared.

"When I was in power you demanded your rights and freedoms, because that was according to my principles. When you took power you took away my rights and freedoms, because that was according to yours"(principles).

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