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June 08, 2009


David Berlevy

There are several questions that need answering. Firstly, if the Police are searching for a dark skinned man,why did they arrest her white boyfriend, just because he had mental health problems? Surely this is a slur and prejudice against people who happen to suffer from things such as depression and anxiety? He is clearly traumatised by the death of his girlfriend, then why put him through more trauma? The second question to be asked is why does the council of the Borough of Waltham Forest not bother to lock up the playground in the evening? The third question is why is the car park and area around Kelmscott Leisure Centre not locked with gates the way it used to be? This is an invitation to potential rapists to find an area like this, which is not patrolled by a security guard and the safety of schoolchildren at the neighbouring Kelmscott School should be taken into consideration. It is not a question of money, even in a recession, the safety of the community of Waltham Forest Borough is paramount and it is high time that Waltham Forest Council ensure the safety of its residents. The fourth question is why did the report in the "London Lite" have a map that stated that a rape happened in South Grove near St James Street Station, when this is not reported in the Waltham Forest Guardian. Surely someone has got their facts wrong? The other newspapers say the attack was off Lea Bridge Road in an alley way in Markhouse Road. The next question is why are alley ways not fitted with CCTV cameras? If this man is attacking women in alley ways, the best way to catch him is to construct CCTV cameras in these alley ways. All of these things are common sense, but is amazing how often the obvious solutions are overlooked.

timothy bing

muslim? u sure he is muslim yeah? becuase from what i remmeber an innocent man was shot by police because he had "dark" (tanned) skin as he was mistaken for being a muslim, a terrorist infact. Jean Charles de Menezes a brazillian man was shot by men that are inforced to protect us, men that are given the right to shoot and even kill in order to save our lives,a men that also beilves that a dark skinned person is automatically a muslim, a terrorist, or a pshycho. you people that judge and say as you wish and make up stories of a "muslim rapists". let me ask you a question? how many lives have you saved today? how many mothers children have you saved today? i am a muslim and i am proud, on a daily basis i save lives. fair enough, you get the few that are not pure, that are distorted in the head, but anyone remmeber jack the ripper? what this website promotes is injustice and rival discrimination amongst many. instead of promoting peace you promote hate. u speak of all muslims as though they are swine, but the swine flu outbreak has yet to infect a single islamic country. anyways im going off track. just know that is doesnt matter what colour or race or religion you are, because you will get the few bad apples in each basket. “Judge not, that ye be not judged” (KJV)"...thats a quote from the bible for you idiots that will probs mistaken it for a quote from the holy Quran. look around, more crimes are commited by non muslims then muslims. please feel free to read this and take in nothing, but please also know that the day you get pushed over by a person of your "own kind" and a person that you beilve to be different and inferrior remember your words and hopefully you would udnerstand your stupidity. i had a man (a very white man) come into the O.R arms chained to the metal poles of his bed, guards guarding him, and we had to save his life. he is a muderer a killer, he kills woman for fun, he kills them and watches them in pain, and he thinks its fun. and im guessing this guy is very similar, and yes i beilve they should rot in hell, him and the rapists. but why do we not hear of him in the news? maybe its becuase of his colour or maybe its because of the stupid police who waited 36 hours before they came to the crime scene after a report of a man harassin a woman in the area. please do your research correctly, im guessing you are not very smart, maybe very stupid but that still does not give you the right to feed incorrect information. you have a evilness within you, like any evil person, you are disgusting. by the way i am not a total muslim, i have been thinking of reverting but i am not confident. but when i read this kind of injustice it makes me sick. you should stop it, its not right

muslim white female

How racist is this site?
At no point did the police or news or anyone else claim they were looking for a 'muslim' rapist. Do you think that DNA tests show your religon? Three of the men initally arrested were white. One was treated very badly by the police but thats another matter. It was only when the DNA found on Michelle was finally found to match a previous rape where the victimwas able to describe him 'of asian appearance'. How on earth can we know who to look out for if not by appearance? Do we get everyone to carry around a colour chart? Shades from 1 to 100? And where do you worship if you havn't seen muslims around you that are a huge selection of colour? From Pakistan to Somalia to China- yes really! Its not a race thing, Its a RAPE thing

Standard White Male

Muslim white female? That's not a very clever thing to be.

I'm not going to comment on most of the things said except the appearance description thing, let's stop saying "Asian Appearance". Thai's don't look like Arabs and visa versa. They should say arab appearance or oriental appearance. "Asian appearance" is like saying "Human appearance" - way too vague. You can't say muslim appearance cause they don't come with labels on. Just say arab or oriental appearance. Simple and not prejudiced.


So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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