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June 15, 2009



Fata, you are a sickening piece of shit. Just absolutely disgusting. I would rather kiss a piece of dog shit than to kiss a horrible piece of crap like you. I hope some day you are wrongfully sued for all you have in your pathetic life.


All the "rights" tribunals including the employment ones along with most civic employees have no common sense.Which is why certain people get away with this kind of thing. their culture tells them that this is a wonderful thing to do and the politically correct dhimmies go along with it ,increasing the chances that it will happen again.


Incidents like this just make it easier for an employer not to hire a moslem in the first place. She is proving that moslem employees are more trouble than they are worth.

It's a shame that it's come to this, but can anyone deny it?

This only makes it more difficult for the "good moslems" (I keep on hearing they're out there...) to gain employment.

Roy Tomkinson

This is disgraceful, no wonder racial tension is on the increase in this county and the BNP are gaining a foothold. This is political madness gone over the edge. In muslim countries you try anything out of what they consider correct and you end up in prison. A few week in prison this woman should have, and perhaps then she may learn her lesson, but somehow I doubt it.


Ok, let me compose my thoughts. Ok, here goes. What a fucking Muslim fuckwad!! There, I feel slightly better...

Jon C

What a hypocrite and liar - oh, wait, I forgot; it's OK for Moslems to lie to the rest of us according to the Koran and Hadith (taqqiya). What I meant to say was: "What a fine, honest, upstanding, moral and decent example of Islamic Womanhood she is."
(Funny thing is I'm probably right in that!)

I wonder if the Tribunal was shown the Facebook photo?

I also wonder if it would have made a difference - nope, I bet she'd have got the payout just the same!

On a more serious note - Muslims often claim they are discriminated against and don't get a fair chance. What do they expect when they try SO hard to make themselves:
a) unemployable.
b) expensive to employ(lawsuits).
c) damaging to business.

Jon C

Oops - forgot to add
I agree with Roy. This sort of claim and payment is PC madness.
It clearly shows "one rule for them and one for us" and it is the sort of thing that does build resentment and provide openings for extremists like the BNP, who do not, IMHO, represent the decent majority of British folk (of all colours and creeds).


Who are the morons who gave her the money, they should be exposed and fired. What idiots.


The morons who gave her the money were the Industrial Tribunal, Pnut.
You definitely have a point.
However, to be fair to them (and assuming that the tribunal members were not muslims in which case we need say no more), they were probably worried about being labelled "Islamophobes" and losing their jobs if the bosses thought that they were not being "culturally sensitive" etc (or whatever the latest PC term is) for why the establishment bends over backwards to appease Moslems. I presume this happens on the grounds that if you don't, the next time you them they're wearing suicide vests - or at least, that is the fear.

The problem with that is that the more we appease the more they will demand.
It never ceases to amaze me how Britain seems to have totally forgotten the lessons of appeasement from the 1930's. It is not as if this bit of history were not graven on our society's (yes, I do mean the singular here) conscience -not to mention all the war memorials.

Why, oh why, do people think that appeasement will work this time??

Conservababe in the U.S.

She looks Britborn and raised to me. Is she supposed to be a lifelong muslim, not a convert? I mean,it's BS enough for a lifelong muslim to pull this, but a red-haired, freckled convert must have worn more revealing clothes than that modest dress in her life.

beige suit

She doesn't look like a prostitute to me but I respect the points and views of the owner of this blog. Each one of us have our own beliefs of course.

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