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June 22, 2009


Philip Saenz

It shouldn't surprise anyone that an Asian, probably a Muslim, would rape a male. They rape almost anything, including nanny goats and female dogs. Muslim homosexuals claim that they'll have 28 little queers waiting for them in a Muslim paradise. The Muslim heterosexuals claim that they will have 72 virgins waiting for them especially if they die as martyrs for Allah.

Joe Kaffir

Who the hell are all these ASIANtaxi-driver rapists?
Koreans? Taiwanese? Or maybe they are among the gangs of seemingly polite camera toting Japanese tourists that can turn violent against infidels...erh I mean non Asians at the drop of a hat


I'd add camels to Philip Saenz's list of what such monsters like to stick their genitals into. And let's not forget that Mein Qurampf 76:19 promises these nazi beasts, in addition to those 72 virgins, handsome boys of everlasting youth in their imaginary mahoundian heaven. Sex among males is extremely common among mahoundians, despite their supposedly outspoken hatred of homosexuals, but they just don't call it gay sex. They call it prison sex.

One can take a mahoundian out of Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Porkistan, but it's impossible to take Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Porkistan out of a mahoundian in most cases (those very few who have the brains to leave islam are the rare exceptions.) That's why these lowlifes will never assimilate into Western societies, and this is an extremely compelling reason to stop NuLabour's wholesale import of such scum into the UK.


I wish Britain would call a spade a spade and stop using "Asian" as a euphemism for "moslem"

The pc use of "ASIAN", so as to not upset the moslem population must surely be embarrassing to the real asians of Britian, such as the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans etc.


Yes, Devlin, but to save themselves having to speak truthfully, people are quite willing to throw the Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, etc., under the bus. After all, the Japanese are not going to carry out jihads in response to the insult. This euphemism is cowardly, and doubly so since it stomps on innocent bystanders in order to escape what it fears.

Steve the Yank

Q: Why are camels referred to as "boats of the desert"?

A: They are full of Arab Seamen.


It's interesting that posters are correctly questioning the validity and usefulness of the term "Asian", but then they make the distinction from Japanese, Chinese, etc.

A more valid distinction would be between Muslim "Asians" and those who look like them, but are Hindus. The later do not display the behaviours of the Muslim "Asians" but are viewed in exactly the same poor light. The Indian Sikhs are , at least, somewhat protected from this association as they can be distinguished by their turbans

tim bloor

hiya have logged onto research the growing problem of asian taxi drivers treating the country like the wild west my daughter 0f 12 was chased and beaten by two asian taxi drivers this week and the police are of no use at all just needed to tell somebody this incident occured in broad daylight and thank god she was not seriously hurt


lord what a crap of racist bullshit I wonder we still have people with such nazist sensibility of hatered mongers in our society.

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