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May 13, 2009


Bob Smith

Islam - aint it great?


fuck em who cares.... i have a great life


I spent three years working in Kuwait and can attest that this is just the tip of the iceburg. Teeenaged boys bring their friends over to gang rape their maids - and there are usually more than one, sometimes each child having their own personal slave. Their slaves are powerless, having eveen their passports taken from them. I tutored in Kuwaiti homes where I was so sickened at the treatment at I saw that I refused future work even at the $100USD/HR prices Kuwaitis were willing to pay. They will even beat their maids in public places, like malls, and no one lifts a finger to help - it's common. Pregnant maids are drowned or hanged - usually pregnant from a teeneages boy in the house or the father. Kuwaitisd get away with murder and think nothing more of it than stepping on a bug. I could on forever about the Kuwaitis and the their maids. I have absolutely no respect for any Kuwaiti - none. They are dispicable people in the worst kind of culture. Their government allows Kauaitis to murder and rape, and no Kuwaiti is ever prosecuted. They are the worst people I have ever seen in my 25 years of traveling the world. If you are a Kuwaiti man reading this, I hope someone kidnaps your sorry ass out into the desert and rapes you for days and leaves you to die. You deserve it because you have done some of the things described above and you are a duisgusting animal going to Hell.


I was once in the Indonesian embassy in Riyadh and I heard myself several Indonesian women complained that they were forced to work hard without having proper food and rest. I asked the embassy staff about it and he said that such cases were plenty. Judging from his tone, seemed like the embassy received such complain on daily basis. And it was (and is) just the tip of the iceberg, I believe. So far, I haven't heard any Saudian gets convicted for his crime against the housemaids for decades.


We are supposed to be living in modern(civilised) times but reading all this proves that there are some races that are still in prehistoric and barbaric times. Why dosn't the united nations take up and take on these monsters.


At our Christian church, I’d heard horror stories every now and then from some of our members who had experienced living in Hong Kong (and other parts of the world like the Middle East) as maids, nannies, caregivers, domestic helpers, cleaners or foreign overseas workers. Most had worked between 16 to 18 hours daily, six days a week. Some had worked 7 days without a break. I called them “Slaves”. Somehow, their stories had to be revealed. But how? It could sound like a deplorably pitiful tale of deep distress, grief and misfortune. But somehow, someone did (albeit an affront to most Filipinos worldwide) — in Hong Kong. An HK columnist wrote an article in one HK magazine and referred to the Philippines as a “Nation of Servants”. Enough was enough.

I'd researched stories about their plight and wrote a 616-page novel entitled "Slaves, Spooks & The Praying Mantis"

I sought the help of our church members for their stories. However, some were quite reluctant to talk and some would rather let ‘sleeping dogs lie’. But after several discussions,they’d agreed to share their stories, provided (and I promised) that only first names would appear under ‘Acknowledgements’. I had interviewed 11 ex-HK slaves & 1 ex-Macau slave and their poignantly courageous tales were interspersed within the book. It’s a story within a story. I had taken the common denominators of their sob stories and put them in a narrative way into a fictional novel.

The book is available from reputable online retailers and book dealers worldwide. Check the listings at

For more info, link to or


I am from saudi arabia
i want to say if anyone have any problem he can go to court and the criminal will get punnished.
but now i see on some media they simply transfer to an arab yellow pages.
if there are some trash people it does not mean we all like that.


I have to point the finger at some of the "People of Colour" activists who deny that non-Whites can be racist against other non-Whites. I once pointed out on a POC site that Asian maids in the Middle East were being raped and beaten by their employers. However, the moderator on the site claimed that the source from which I got that information was a 'fake.' No, it's always the White Devil to blame.

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