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May 07, 2009



The Muslim Council of Britain said: "...he (Choudary is free to promote his own views and teachings n the UK as LONG AS HE ACTS WITHIN THE LAW. We live in a country that is proud of its tradition of free speech ..." (Emphasis mine).

Well we can all agree with that, can't we?

A few thoughts...

1) Whose law, British law or (what is supposedly) allah's?

2) We can all remember how the British Muslim community rallied to support Salman Rushdie and the Finnish cartoonists (to name but two that resulted in murder) over free speech!

3)Why is it that I almost always doubt what these people (Muslim Council etc spokesmen) say? Could it be the Islamic doctrine of "Taqqiya" (simply; it's ok to lie your face off to 'kufr' - non believers)?

I'd like to think that Choudary et al will stay within the (British law (he would certainly stay within 'allahs'- no matter how much violence/terror he espoused), but given that the only ASSURED way to 'paradise' in Islam is through 'martyrdom' (ie killing for allah), Choudary might find it difficult when teaching " to enter the Gardens of Paradise."

john in cheshire

I have been writing to my MP for years saying :
no immigrants
no refugees
no asylum seekers
and active expulsion of all the ethnics who are currently living here in England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can decide for themselves. As far as I am concerned, it should be an exception to encounter an ethnic in everyday life, not the norm. There are parts of Manchester, including the city centre, where white indigenous people are the minority. Now, someone tell me why that is acceptable. If millions of white people were to migrate to an African or Asian country, and be a visible significant minority, how long would that be tolerated? I am looking for a party that will stop trying to see things from the alien point of view, and do what the legitimate residents of this country wish would happen. I was born into a white secular christian country. It has degnenerated into a cess-pit of 'multicultural' nothingness and I want it to stop. I want what returned to me what I took for granted. We are white, we are English and we are superior to most other races and civilisations. Why should that be destroyed by bigotted, racist, socialists and satanic muslims.


Dear John,
Did your MP ever reply?

from what you've said I'm sure your natural home is the BNP.

Your final solution (sorry, I meant resolution) is just not practicable.

Where I agree with you in principle is in that I do think that we should totally abandon "multi-culturalism" and expect all those living in UK to conform to our society (which is a lot 'broader' than many).

Just remember: we are often expected to conform to other cultures - esp Muslim ones - (in the name of 'respect' and 'sensitivity')when we visit or go to live there, so I only suggest this in the spirit of equality, respect and sensitivity to us.

Annabel Schneider

Freedom of speech is not freedom to incite treason. People are so stupid they do not understand the meaning of democracy and freedom of speech is within the boundaries of the state.
This is great britain and what they are doing is against the law. They are idiots who insult the british people and they must be imprisoned or expelled. There will be no sharia law in the united kingdom. People are ignorant and trators to their country. Foreigners are making people ashamed. They come here with rubbish and they do not respect the ground they walk on and they must be thrown out. The government will not protect it's own people. People are actually leaving the country. They are backed in a corner. This multicultural society is a lie - and I am an ethnic person - In this country I pledge allegance to queen and country. If a man cannot respect the ground he walks on he must be disciplined. This kind of behaviour is distubance of the peace. People need to stop looking at people and finding out about what they are about and remember they are British. I have had enough about death to the United Kingdom and Israel and the United States. If people don't respect the country they are in they must be disciplined and thrown out.
These people must feel the power of the state. This is what will return order to this country.
And the EU needs to be disbanded. It has got to the point that it does not respect the countries who are it's members. Poles and Eastern Europeans must be forced to return to their country and the British people to tidy up their country. No other country in the world will tolerate this.
They think they can go round the world and do what they want and our government is a trator to the nation. They brought the banks down as did the other idiot uneducated people who thought they could do what they want. We don't need equality. We need respect.


Taqqiya is from Shia's (a sect in islam) they make this permissable in their belief system where mainstream muslims(Sunni) make this forbidden.
Taqqiya is where a Shia will hide the truth about their beliefs(because it's extreme) they cut their heads/babies ect: at the time of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson's death(Sunnis and other muslims DO NOT) and many more.

I agree this 'muslim' should be put behind bars and not be creating mini terrorists, but we cannot throw out all people who arent white or both parents are anglosaxion...that's rediculious unless we want to be like Hitler & have Blue eyes , Blonde hair type gist going on.

Even a White person can be a terrorist, and if we did throw all muslims what happens to people like me? Reverts, we have a right to live in our own country, but we happened to choose Islam as our religion...and were not "fanatics"

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