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May 22, 2009



Now, what is that Borders Agency spokesman saying that "Any non-EEA foreign national sentenced to 12 months or more is automatically considered for deportation" supposed to mean?

And what's being sentenced to a "very long time" behind bars in the UK these days? Won't the judges want to give that scumbag a shorter sentence due to the supposed role that "cultural differences and misunderstandings", that usual sickening politically-correct justification for not enforcing laws strictly when it comes to crimes committed by mahoundians, might have played in his heinous acts?

And if that dirtbag is deported following the serving of his time behind bars, he'll no doubt be hailed as a hero and a model of a "true believer" by his family and friends when he's back in his home country. That, of course, if Sweden doesn't decide to give him asylum instead, or some crazy British judge decides that deporting him would violate his human rights, as they've done to keep Abu Qatada on British soil (and on the British-taxpayer financed DOLE.)

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