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May 20, 2009


Tommy Zee

He absolutely should be released. Any slut that goes to a Muslims apartment after meeting him that night in a bar gets what she deserves.


Tommy Zee.. Die in a fire, ok? No means no, no matter what ethnic background. As for the rapist,he should rot in jail.


Disgusting, a woman cannot rape a man that's impossible!
Yes, rape has occurred but he raped her......Watch out girls the government wants social/ society breakdown, they have used social services to curb people from producing children, now the Islamists who are dangerous, the government has let them in so women can be abused more than ever, with the Muslim courts set up too in GB, the poor will be turning to muslim courts in the near future to settle things, it will be against women & children, a husband will have the right to murder his wife if he feels like it ( and get away with it too)children will be automatically the fathers property if aged 7 ( even if he's a pedophile), this government is after a public ' revolution ' so they can get everyone micro-chipped after a big HOO HARR! Deeming it necessary ( who knows maybe even martial law). Is it to put in order the 10 principles of the Georgia Guidestones? ( to maintain humanity under 1/2 a billion people), they are using us and particular people to do it with. This girl will be lucky if she wins her rape case, as more often than not, in most cases women's rape cases get tossed out of court. It is a male dominated society we already live in, but muslims will make it worse, that's the govt plan anyway, white bristish males will get hammered, but muslims won't, so then white males who wish to rape will turn muslim, it's all about medieval dark ages doing a turn again. But the govt want us in a no win situation, uprise against at your peril, stop the islamists taking over you'll be called racists, they want so much trouble to brew & so much then goes for your freedoms, any tilt will get you micro-chipped in the end, they will use any sort of excuse to achieve this. They are just weaking us and putting us in difficult situations, it may not be you today, but it will definatley be your children tommorow.
Petition the Sharia Law that already has a hold on Britian & has it's own courts already...There is only one way that these muslim courts can go and that is ' GROW ' & that is exactly what this government wants. Be careful, it's not the muslims you attack, attack the government itself. Some are falling for voting BNP, don't that's another pocket of this government, don't forget Price Philip's uncle was a NAZI & Nazi ideals has leaked to Prince Harry, BNP is still the governments game, so are all the other main parties.
It is a game folks & we are being played! Big time!


This is happening in other parts of the country, young girls in the north of England as young as 12 have been drug raped by muslim asians, when one mother called the police, the police siad they could not do anything & even told the mother that they feared being branded racist! Minors are not even being taken into consideration with this awful crime, these asian men got away with thier crimes on poor innocent young girls! I do hope this young lady from Bristol does get some justice in her case of a muslim man having raped her, but there have been cases all over Europe, in Norway, Germany, Sweden and Iceland where Islamic males have raped European women, it seems to be happening everywhere, what was frightening is the muslim gangs that are forcing young teenage girls into prostitution, and they had an Islamic spokesman to talk about it, all he could keep on saying was the girls needed to be controlled by thier parents, he did speak about Justice concerning these Islamic men, but as far as i can see Islam supports rape of foreign women, they have it written down in thier Q'uran. I have no idea what this is all coming to, but it is frightening none the less. I do hope this poor Bristol teenager does get some justice in the end & quite rightly so. Rape is a terrible thing for any woman to go through, especially if you happen to be 12 yrs old, poor girls, i feel so sorry for them.


I believe the girl over the scum muslims, even though she went with him doesnt give him the right to rape, no means no..but muslim men don't understand the word NO


muslim men think western females are all whores and women to them are second class citizens. And their word means nothing. Where do these filthy muslim men get off thinking they have the right to put their hands on any female. They all need to be deported by to the mental east..

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