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May 25, 2009



The Brits are just marching to take back their own county. Muslim violence and bigotry seem to have finally sparked a backlash. Good!


The german blog "Politically Incorrect" is also on this topic:


Luton was peaceful compared with violent islamic gatherings, London tube/bus bombings...yet in the media all I read is "thugs", "masked mobs"...well at least Luton made the MSM albeit in negative tones.

"One asian gentleman was given a bloody nose being hit in the face with a banner" I read...I wish that was all that Kriss Donald had got, poor lad and others like him..God rest their souls.

Luton, you are brilliant for making your (hopefully the first of many) stand.

Joe Kaffir

To the good non-dhimmi people of the UK:



How about arranging an anti-terrorism(aka islam) day on 7/7 in all UK cities? Any takers?


Traditional British backbone observed in Luton! May it grow and grow and spread all over your great and lovely land.


Finally, it's going to take more of this, a lot more. Run the barbarians back to the desert.


Where are the men in the UK? Take charge, fellas - let's see what you are about. Squash this murderous, bigoted, hatedful religion taking over your country.


It's about time!! What Churchill and other patriots fought for - British independence & sovereignity - continue unabated! The rising tide of anti-British islamic savagery masked in cowardly jihadist bombings, marches, and other terroristic outbreaks must be squelched! Send the jihadis to paradise - now!

Peter Kerr

Muslims are little more than ignorant, violent, third-world filth unfit for civilisation.


It would be wonderful to see the British people take back their country and customs! However, I think it's too late. Muslim's populate at greater than three times that of the civilized world!

On the other hand, we, here in America, have this opportunity to learn from Europes mistakes. But having the opportunity and making the best of it are two different things. So you might say that we are as doomed as the Brits!


Throw the muslim scum to the pigs


Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one..

אומנויות לחימה

To see the British people to take their country and customs! But I think it is too late. Muslims inhabit more than three times the civilized world!

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