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April 17, 2009



What a brilliant man!
I hope he will get a medal!
No words can convey my admiration for altruistic actions of that kind.
But, that is the British Serviceman in action - the best in the World.

No words can convey my contempt for the true cowards who kill women and children in markets as their "passport to heaven", much less those who train and send them out.

btw, I so wish it was made clearer that most of the civilian deaths in Iraq/Afghanistan have been caused by Muslim-on-Muslim Shia-Sunni suicide bombings etc. And isn't it strange how no 'insurgent' ever ends up in Hospital - (unless it's an Allied Forces one, that is). You don't suppose they are dis-armed by their mates and presented as 'civilians' shot by US/UK troops, do you?


Good Job by the Soldiers, those protesters are vile. The other parade goes should have ripped them to pieces.
Isn't it ironic how Islam is so against people having sex but in paradise that's all that there is ? How stupid, no fun until you are dead Hasim ! Who can believe this nonsense ?


I don't know why you think Islam is anti-sex.
Given that a Moslem man can have 4 wives at any one time (and easily divorce them to marry younger ones) and as many sex-slaves (concubines) "...the women whom your right hand possesses" to quote the Koran; I'd say that is a lot of opportunity for sex in this life.

Their objections to sex are violent - yes - but also limited to certain very narrow channels of prohibition.

Back to the story: what you may not be aware of is that the Moslem protestors probably would have had a most uncomfortable time if not for the Police, who did their job by keeping the peace.

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