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April 01, 2009


Dave Selvers

We may as well face the inevitable, Traditional Western Culture is on the threshold of extinction.
Another Dark Age awaits us. A sloven barbaric culture accustomed to poverty and turmoil, ostensibly loyal to the prophet will inherit our emaciated land.
The pathetic politically correct appeasers have given the West away.
Left wing pinheads want to mandate acceptance and tolerance but that does not apply to the immigrants...they can continue to hate us.
I refuse to hire a cab operated by an Arab or mid eastern and I will keep it that way until they change.
You cannot placate implacable extremists.

Dave Selvers
Canadian Conservative

john in cheshire

fucking muslims. when will the world be rid of them?


Britain is lost...defend the Americas


Britain is not lost - at all. Yeah, we have problems with Mozzas but SO DO THE AMERICAS.

There is a rage building up in the British people and it will spill onto the streets. Soon.
I can guarantee that.


The Solution: BNP


Just because there is a nut that has snapped, doesn't mean it's a culture or a religion. To think that is just pure stupidity.

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