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April 27, 2009



See what multiculturalism and diversity get you: Contempt and organized rape.

k.o. the invasion

I hope that some vigilantes will begin to deal the vermin in your country.


I've been saying it for years....Nuke Tehran, Damascus, Riyadh, the Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, bomb all the madrasses we can find throughout the world, help Europe deport as many muzzie sand monkeys as possible...and then maybe the world has a chance of surviving. Oh, and steal the Arab oil.

I'm sure glad I live in Santa Barbara, CA, and far from all the savage subhuman Arab muzzies.


bwinston, google for ocean ground zero. I think you will like that picture. I know I do and I'm swedish. Santa, plz make this come true soon.


as a muslim, first time i see about islamic rules which are completely wrong in the article. First of all it's strictly forbidden in islam to have sexual relationship, in any case, out of marriage.

Rape is one of the biggest sins in Islam.

the reasons of Sweden's top of rape statistics are alcohol consumption and free sexuality.


First, Islam absolutely forbids sexual intercourse with a girl/woman without wedding. Your writings are absolutely wrong. You linked to a website ""; yet they claim themselves as Christians trying to expose 'real face of Muslims'. They writes their background as "This ministry was established as a Christian organization. Our beliefs, methods and activities are based on and influenced by Christian ethics." So, you linked to a Christian-based understanding of Islam, and then ask us to believe/accept that. This can only be a deception. If someone writes about Christianity very inaccurately, will you be gentle to this manner?
Second, if you are right to see Muslims as the basic reason of rising rapes, how can you explain the situation in some other Western countries in which Muslims are living with a higher population, but a less raping rate?
Your method and perspective are unfortunately wrong. You better search the roots of evil in Western countries by yourself, not by Muslims or Islam. Of course Muslims, not Islam, may have mush more problems or weakness in different areas; however this does not make them rapists or thieves or twisters or like this. Your reasoning is unfortunately one-sided and too naive...


I heard it so many times - islam is good and peaceful, some muslim people can go wrong.
what i cannot understand is - why islamists so wildly fight for islam reputation? it is clear that muslims themselves suffer from this crazy religion much more than others. they kill each other in the name of their crazy allah so severely in pakistan, afganistan, iraq, iran, indonesia and many other what?
how long shall we be waiting? isn't it high time to stop this expansion? it would be only fare to introduce strict rules as a mandatory condition of their integration in western society and to develop procedure of deportation. If one does not recognize the law of a host country, one should be 100% sure he shall be deported

Jaume Quixert Pallars

I am not sure whether it makes sense to explain what Islam actually says and Muslims do after such a clearly racist article which manipulates the facts!

Just one note: If you say Sweden has double the number of rapes as compared to other EU countries and half of the rapers are immigrants(and actually less than half of the immigrants are muslims), then simple mathematics say that they still have a higher percentage of native rapers in Sweden in other countries.

How do you explain this? Those natives are also hidden muslims or what?

The state i currently reside in the US has the highest sexual violence rate and the lowest muslim immigrant population rate. And what happens here? Evangelists also rape?

Jaume Quixert Pallars


I've said it before, I'll say it again. "Islam is as Islam does"


You know what's great about this? The Islamic apologist who are reading this site. Naturally they come here and try to defend Islam. You are in the wrong place my Muslim friend. People here do not buy your crap. You say he is mis-quoting bad sources but you offer no alternative. You make claims but cant back it up. This is disgusting! You only have to look to the Koran (misspelled on purpose) to see the information that is being provided here is backed up by their own religous text.

Also, "The state i currently reside in the US has the highest sexual violence rate and the lowest muslim immigrant population rate." Where is your source, where is the numbers? What state are you referring to? We have 51 of them! You give no source to back up what you are saying. Ignorant.

P.s. The Ground Zero Ocean - Awesome. Looks like some good beaches to play on for us sinning westerner's.

Kinana of Khaybar

Hakan says: "First, Islam absolutely forbids sexual intercourse with a girl/woman without wedding. Your writings are absolutely wrong."

Hakan is either ignorant or he is lying. The Quran permits the Muslim male to have sex with "what his right hand possesses" (70:29-30, 23:5-6, 4:24), just as Muhammad gives himself this power (33:50-52). The tafsirs of Ibn Kathir, Al-Jalalayn, Ibn Abbas, and others all agree on that. The Hadith and Sira also show numerous examples where Muslims take non-Muslim females captive and have sex with them, shortly after they have killed their husbands, fathers, etc. Even popular websites such as ask-imam and Islam q and a agree that Muslim males are permitted not only to have sex with their wives (plural) but also with slave girls and captives.


Hey Kinana, you missed a fact or two.
The non-muslim female captives can be used for sex (raped) by Muslim men even if their husbands aren't dead. The women count as spoils of war.
What about M'uta ("temporary marriage)? It's not allowed in Sunni Islam, but is in Shia Islam.
"Temporary marriage" basically means "buying a woman" for sex - but, according to Muslims this is nothing to do with prostitution, of course. (Perhaps because it's the "all-night" rate?)


"Just one note: If you say Sweden has double the number of rapes as compared to other EU countries and half of the rapers are immigrants(and actually less than half of the immigrants are muslims), then simple mathematics say that they still have a higher percentage of native rapers in Sweden in other countries.

How do you explain this? Those natives are also hidden muslims or what?"

- Jaume Quixert Pallars

Immigrants with Swedish citizenship count as swedes in the statistics.


Well the overall majority of rapist in Sweden is muslims who takes " white whores"...
In Oslo (Norway) all the attack rapes (100%) in 3 years, was perpetrated by immigrants!

marcus helsingborg

i would guess that a majority of rapists in sweden are immigrants, at least 60-80 %. but it's hard to get the right numbers because the authorities hide the number because they count non-swedes with a swedish passports as swedes. but no media in sweden admits this. more or less in 100 % of cases they refuse to print a description of the rapists if he's not been arrested. to protect immigrants from being labeled as rapists is more important then to catch a perpetrator or to protect women by letting them know who to avoid.


There you have it. The grey bars are granted residence permits and the red line the number of rapes. You do the math.


One question - are the grey bars permits/year or total permits issued.
If permits/year then the correlation is less clear, since I would suggest that the number of permits (total) is growing faster than the rape rate.
SO this could be spurious or even false correlation.


Those are permits ISSUED per year. Yeah statistics are often used like that :)

Also, swedish immigrants are rarely practising muslims.

Also regarding the rape statistics, most rapings (?) take place in the victims home, and they know the perpetrator.

Also, the numbers where the libyans etc. dominated were SUSPECTS and not convicted criminals.

Also, it doesn't take any concrete evidence at all to be a convicted rapist in sweden.

Vito Beltran says it all.

Also, the graph showing number of permits/rapes don't agree with the "fact" that most rapists are muslims, as the permits are for anyone not just muslims.

I dunno, this whole propaganda machine thing seems very dubious to me.

*** Also, just because YOU by looking at some texts can reach a verdict that rape is OK just as you take the victim as captive (and therefore a slave! yeehaw!!!) doesn't mean that it is the way that muslims see it. Ask a muslim on the street, or go to a mosque instead!


I just wanna add a new thing to all who talked brfor me ...isalm is somthing u ll love it if u know it in the right way and also for muslim people u have to see that we are in 21th century some old belives aboput islam have to be devolped not changed ..... and for the bad things that we think some musilm do it or not ..these people are not muslim ..they just use the islma as excuse ... my freinds ..add life to life ...iSALAM IS PEACE AND everything good ...islam like any relegion christian like all invite to peace to all good things ...


People who are talkin crap bout islam, your idiots. and you prolly dont even have a religion of your own. Im not even Muslim but still respect them. Atleast they're women aret whores like half the women in your country and this world. ALLAH means GOD in arabic morons. THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE IN EVERY RELIGION, that does not make all of them wrong. And islamics defendin themselves?? THEY have to defend NOTHING, bc they kno the truth, unlike some fools who are just out to hate everything that is not like them. whatever, you're idiots, and you'll see on judgement day my friends that all this assumin and judging your doing will be your ticket to hell. so have fun and make sure you write!!

Godfrey deBouillon

It's long overdue for Norse, Swedes and Danes to remember their VIKING ancestors and act accordingly: grab the next heathen ape or pig caught at attempted rape and neuter him ON THE SPOT so he knows he'll never go to paradise. (Yes, I know & you know he won't go there anyway. But once he's ball-less, HE knows it too!) Then put him somewhere that other infidel swine can see him AND what was done to him! Remember, these are bullies and once they know we're serious a LOT of them will be jamming the exits from Scandinavia!! Bullies wither when faced with resolute action and get nastier with attempts at appeasement! Let's ALL remember that! Away with the spirit of Neville Chamberlain; make room for Churchill!!


I wonder if the larger problem is young men living in poverty. If I replaced "muslim" with "black" it would fit into my community. Maybe poverty is not the right term, but the young minority male.
I have never heard of muslim crimes in my local community.

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Blacks are a big problem here in NY too. MP, which part of the US are you living in?


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Reading the this article really makes me sick. It is obvious that this report clearly attacks the Muslims immigrating to Sweden - the real question is, were there no rapes in Sweden before muslims come? also, are corrupted Muslims the only individuals commiting such a crime? Still, this doesn't give any one the right to judge a religion due to some corrupted individuals. More important, I must insist on providing us with the source from the Quran that the report referred to - IT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!! to correct it, It is NOT allowed for a Muslim to have any sexual intercourse, BUT with his wife, and the same goes to women. Islam has put strict punishment to those who have sex without marriage, and the punishment get's tougher if it's forced sex. As for the Khumeini's quote, the Shiat's are people who went astray, and this quote is proves this fact. This is again a proof that the report is bias and unfair - If you want to quote something about Islam, do it from the Quran or the sayings of the prophet, not sick people!! This is just like saying Christianity is a so corrupted coz a christian individual did something wrong..not fair huh? To all of you who do not know Islam, it's time for you to READ and EDUCATE your selves! I will not defend Islam as it does not needed to be defended, it is the most peaceful and "reasonable" religion indeed.

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