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April 29, 2009



I used to think that one was supposed to uphold laws, and not disregard them, in order to become a judge. But that doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to multi-cultural, politically-correct suicidal Britain.

This is the kind of news story that should be all over the place in Britain, like those stories of missing girls in the USA. Yet the British media seems to be more than happy to deliberately ignore it.

Kill all muslims

I hope someone will see this scumbag late at night and run him down!


Maybe someone should threaten this scumbags life so it's too dangerous for him to stay in the UK, ah but wait.....


Yes, it does seem that there is one law for the indegenes and another for asylum-seekers etc.
But this must be (I hope) the only Country on the planet where the indeges get the worse deal.

Philip Saenz

Aso Mohammad Ibrahim complains that it would be too dangerous if he is sent back to his Muslim country.

Ibrahim is an illegal Muslim immigrant who killed 12 year old Amy Houston. Well, Ibrahim, you should be sent back to your Muslim country. If you stay in Britain, it will be too dangerous for the citizens of Britain.


It has become almost impossible to deport from this Country.
"Civil Rights" lawyers have become very adept at exploiting human rights laws to protect their clients from deportation.

The problem is that once the human rights laws are applied in a situation they set a precedent - to which all further cases are referred.
Thus a sort of "legal momentum" builds up making it ever harder to successfully deport.

The real trajedy of this is that Human Rights laws - which were designed to protect the rights of 'ordinary people' are being used to leverage freedom for ciminals and undesirables.

The underlying problem is that legal systems often get too involved with the "law" to be worried about concepts like justice - which is what the law should be about!


In today's world, this is the face of those who seek to turn Europe and the West into a third world hellhole.

Someone looking just like this probably defended this child killer.

Out of this friendly looking bunch, no doubt one or two will become a judge at some stage.

perry dog

ok eh! i am from canada and all i see is this muslim shit! it seems like they are getting away with everything these days,
some one please give me a site where i see some BRITISH ASS kickin some terorrist muslim ass !

y'all retarded

i'm sorry for your loss, really.. but i dont understand what the religion has to do with this.

Don't draw conclusions about Islam based on the Muslims that you know/

bas barnes

This illegal immigrant should
be deported this week from the U.K The Judge must not live in the real world send
him back.


however one fails to point out that muslims are a minority in the US and UK (as your blog is talking about). the "indigenous" people (as you have succintly put) are therefore the majority and unfortunately the majority of rapes, burglaries, murders, etc are sadly by "indigenous" people of the UK and US.

perhaps the justice system should consider sending these "indidegenous" criminals to bootcamps in Iraq or exiled in some other third world country.

another thing: not all iraqi kurds are muslims. they have after all been persecuted all their lives in their own country.


Joyce, you're missing the point of this article, and that's that this specific man should be sent back home because he in fact killed someone. Maybe you wouldn't care if your daughter were killed, but I do care for this man's daughter. And I wouldn't be against deporting sociopath criminals (indigenous or not), but no one will take them, so that that idea is a non starter, Australia stopped being a prison colony quite some time ago! Perhaps when we colonize mars, they can be sent there to help build the vital infrastructure, but that is a long way in the future.

A second point: Some groups of immigrants have a higher rate of committing such crimes (such as rape in Sweden). I'm not being racist here - it is not a result of race. It's a result of a clash of cultures. From a Kurdish or Sharia Muslim perspective, women in the west are putting it out there. To someone who has been socialized to view and interact with women one way, western culture can be quite a shock. Smiling and looking directly at a man, let alone coming over to a man's house for a party! These are things which a Sharia follower would see as strong sexual come ons. Furthermore, rape is treated entirely differently in Muslim countries (requiring multiple witnesses and so forth). I'm sure you're aware Joyce of the sexual safety and education programs which are plethora in the United States: "No means no," "there's no such thing as asking for it". If it's necessary to reinforce the idea in men born and raised in the west, why do you think it is so absurd that men from a foreign culture would act differently?

Also, you should try visiting middle eastern countries. In my view, it's people like yourself who demonstrate true arrogance (don't mean to be insulting, I'm sure you're a fine person). But by assuming there will be no cultural integration problems - that new immigrants will get off the boat and integrate - you're demonstrating vast ignorance. You're ignoring the huge differences between our cultures! You would have similar problems if there were a influx of US immigrants to Saudi Arabia. American men would approach women in inappropriate ways, follow the wrong procedure in dating. But I doubt there'd be a lot of rapes, because there's hardly any risk of a westerner misreading a Muslim woman as "putting it out there."


I blame the Brits alone for this. The British Home office/immigration systems apparently claim to be one of the best in the world !! I notice that ----a decent asian student from a developing country- who might genuinelly want to study/work has a 80 % chances of a visa refusal. Where as Islamic scum bags like these are allowed, respected , assisted and even supported in Britain. You guys alone make way for the terrorists too. Try and work on your own laws to get this mess cleaned up. Kick the Fu**ers in the GOVT out and bring some exposed/polished one in place.


Well said Supra, people say "oh, that's discrimination" - you're damn right it is. We want to discriminate against people who are going to cause problems, and welcome those who are going to contribute. Well educated professionals or engineers who already have a spot lined up to study or work? They should be welcomed. Random "asylum" seekers who drive people over need not apply.

Furthermore, immigration from countries where immigrants have a proven record of integrating well should be welcomed more readily. Do vietnamese immigrants consistently demonstrate a higher rate of holding down a job and find themselves more satisfied with their situation then immigrants from Belize? If so, then you should favor them. And why not? Immigration is not a right, the limited number of immigrants who we welcome should be those immigrants who will be happiest here. It's simple logic, you want to set things up so everyone is as well off as they can be.

Personally, I have no problem with someone who is Muslim immigrating. I just have a problem with those whose beliefs will lead them to be quite unhappy in British society - they should stay in countries where society is run in a way they find agreeable. If they can't stand to watch a video of gay men kissing, they should go elsewhere. If that's the majority of Muslims, then so be it - if they really want to come, they can change their viewpoint (rather then expecting us to adapt to theirs). This has nothing to do with race either, I also wouldn't recommend conservative Amish or Mormons immigrate to England - they would be quite unhappy as well.

Frederick Christensen

Just another blatant example of the obtuse favoritism that the brain dead courts bestow upon these incorrigible pieces of human excrement that come from the bloody awful Middle East.How is it that the law of Britain and Sweden will side with the interests of the brown shitskin Turd Kurds,Arabs and other assorted Simian flotsam and prioritize their needs over the indigenous population whose forebears have roots in Western Europe that go back hundreds and even thousands of years.The White Race is being eroded by race traitor bitches who suck shitskin nigger penises,as if they were popsicles,leftist scum politicians,the leftist scum media,the courts,and other fifth column deviates.Beware you traitor fucks...there will be a day of reckoning.


I see a lot of rightly outraged comment here but what, if anything practical is being done about this (and other) shameful use of the corrupt Human Rights laws foisted on us by the EU and meekly accepted by Bliar and his cronies?

If anyone knows of any kind of public movement to overthrow these spurious regulations, please publicise them. My useless (Asian) MP will be getting it from me for what it's worth.

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