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March 15, 2009


john in cheshire

I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it again many times : why are these muslims so fucking ugly. I really think it is an outward manifestation of their black hearts.
Please God, send them all away from this country; to where I neither know nor care. Just away from here, so we can resume our natural life of secular christian civility.


The german blog "Politically incorrect" also reports on the article by the Daily mail:


I think it's quite ironic when he comments on soldiers dying in "friendly fire"; has he already forgotten that there have been several mosque explosions which was caused by the Allahorific Islamists when they have messed up making their suicide belts?
Lol - the guys a muppet.


This guy makes me so sick I just want to puke...all over his sickening face. How is this guy still in the UK alive? Shouldn't have some young Brit stud beat him to death by now in the back of some Mosque or shopping lot.


Wow, John from Cheshire, xenophobic much?

Anjem Choudhry is a dick, no doubt about it. He is a hypocrite who wants to instill Islamic law where it clearly does not belong. However, John, I don't think your Christian values are threatened by Islamic values. You can resume your normal life without being subjected to it because Islamic law will never be introduced in Britain.

It's sad. I'm an ex-Muslim and pretty secular. My family belongs to a pacifist Islamic sect which is hated by the mainstream Sunni sect (I say that generally, my best friend is a Sunni). My point is that there are peaceful people out there who respect British law - my parents, my community being part of that group. It's sad to see that people generalise Muslims in one box.

How would you like it, John, if I started to compare your Christian values, to the ones of Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church? You might be a different sect, but there are different sects in other religions to. Open your mind a bit.

Anyway, I still think Anjem Choudry is a hypocritical ass.


Tariq Mahmood, of the Islamic Cultural Society said: 'This small group of people is not representative of the Muslim community.

But it is representative of islam. It is a representative of mohammeds mind-set.

Oddinuendo - is it possible you have not studied the koran or the hadiths intensely enough?
You can quote all you like the peaceful edicts during the prophets earlier stages of his career. But when he no longer had cause to fear his opponents he put them to death.

You can only accept the authority of the koran in total or reject it. It is a 'perfect' book which can never be changed. There can be no critisism either. Apostasy is punishable by death. I rejected it once I'd read it with an open mind.

Regarding 'Christian' values. Christians base them on the life and words of Jesus. 'Islamic' values are based on the life and words of mohammed. When you strip away the religious contents of Christianity there is still something left for the secular mind. A study of mohammeds life will see that in his case this is not possible. He was a thief, liar, murderer and rapist -it's all in the koran, how many quotes do you want?

I'm happy that you belong to a pacifist islam. But you do not represent islam. You would not survive in Iran or Saudi Arabia with your gentle ways. Indeed, muslims should not be herded into one category but believing in mohammeds mission compromises them all.

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It is very easy to "pray" for these ppl to leave and another altogether to MAKE them leave.
Small groups, small actions
soon will mount up.
In the US now (because of yet another attack by the mussies)seems like PC speech will finally be overwhelmed by the actual truth.
An islamist who wants to tear down democracy and replace it with sharia, come on now, get some balls and do the right thing for our beloved kin who have given their lives in wars for the ideal of freedom!

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All islamic countries live like animals.

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I think if islam does not allow drinking and all bad deeds so muslims should never do these bad deeds.

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