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March 12, 2009


Always On Watch

When courts no longer mete out justice, a legal system -- nay, a nation -- will fall.


is this some kind way to protray muslims as homosexuals because that false image of muslims, Most people like that in the Muslims world are sentence to death by be heading worse for child molester are stone to death then burned alive. And beside Muslims are known for extermisim show good examples the Taliban reducing US troop down to size and of cource you cant for get 9/11


always on watch wrote: When courts no longer mete out justice, a legal system -- nay, a nation -- will fall

Or it can pick itself up and enforce justice despite the police. It has happened before, and it seems it will be necessary again.

infidel and proud of it

You need to remember their pig of a hero Muhammed the demon that started this evil cult took a child bride of 9 years old, so what else can you expect from such a vile group of slime,mass murder,rape,mindless violence,slavery,arms dealing,opium production,the degredation of woman, they are involved in it all so why not add child molestation to their list?


to Rainbow

You sick fuck..... you think being gay is wrong, yet you burn alive people.
You muslims are perverted sick evils twats...your prophet was a child molester..why wasnt he burned alive? He wasnt even a prophet, he was an illiterate epileptic madman murderer.
You vile, disgusting excuse for a human being, you need to drown yourself

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