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February 02, 2009


concerned citizen

welcome to islamic republic of United Kingdom.


may allah the crescant moon god continue to shine down her light on the infidel brits


Muslim outrage:

At first, the Muslims were outraged by cartoons but I didn't speak up because I wasn't an artist.

And then the Muslims were outraged by history books and news but I didn't speak up because I don't read much.

And then the Muslims were outraged by women who weren't completely veiled but I didn't speak up because I'm not a woman.

And then the Muslims were outraged by the practice of other religions but I didn't speak up because I'm not very religious.

And then the Muslims were outraged by the existence of Infidels so when they came for me … there was no one left to speak up.

The last line is the ultimate goal of Islam the rest are just steps towards that goal.


Aren't the public services like the judicial system suppose to keep a neutral appearance? It is simple. Now when you get a ticket or when you get arrested by one of those headscarves, you can claim religious persecution.

Pedro Gomez

Islam is a cult of death and a mental disorder

Freddo D.

What if a female hijab wearing arresting officer has a stress attack, shoots someone and flees. How would any bystanders identify her?


This is nuts. Islam is not a religion, it's lunacy. It needs to be treated as what it is, a stupid,sick cult. It does not deserve to be treated the same as peaceful,human rights respecting religions. I think that they are all silly,but Islam is just plain bad news.


I seriously doubt that any of the police-women would choose to wear this anyway. The type of " Muslim" woman who is brainwashed enough with her "inferiority" that she'd hide behind a veil just isn't the type of woman with the self confidence to become a police officer. I can't imagine a woman strong enough to be a cop buying into the whole Islamic/Arab mindset of women being dumb property. Damn, Islam is some backwards,seriously messed up stuff. The men and women don't even know how to talk or relate to a person of the opposite sex,it just does not happen until they get married. What a socially backwards lot. I feel sorry for the poor people who grow up brainwashed into this 7th century bullshit.


Just as mad as overhere in Holland!


"Clearly, we want people from all walks of life to join the force"
"which will, hopefully, show people they are welcome."
"It is very important to us that the force reflects the community it serves."
"It has always encouraged applicants from all communities and religious denominations."
that's why BNP members cannot join the police, is it? since the BNP have never hurt anybody, whereas Islam is directly responsible for death and stifling of human rights all over the world, every day.


If I was a tory living in England, I would be ashamed.

Instead, I'm a US citizen who is appalled.

It has to stop.

Always On Watch

I can't think of a printable comment to this one.


...we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but the enemy of God/Satan...and those who follow him in ignorance of the truth and the Law of Liberty that has been twisted by Islamic radicals--as it has been by other faiths including the church of England,Episcopal, Methodist and Catholic churches in times past and today (burning believers who are righteous and elevating those who are burning in sin).

As for Muslim women police officers...such is an oxymoron of monumental proportions. Muslim women have no rights, much less authority to enforce righteous biblically-based laws among men who follow a system that encourages suicide, "honor" killing of family members and lying for any selfish purpose. Foolishness is rewarded badly...even when it is politically correct.

infidel and proud of it

Tim, may the cresent moon and all the hell and shit shine down on you and eat you and your degenerate family like a flesh eating disese and condenm you your family and all the followers of the devil of islam to an eternity of you fornicating your mothers and sisters and daughters while you all painfully live forever in a state of decomposing flesh and unbareable pain, you fucking peice of islamic loving scum.

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