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February 11, 2009



It seems like the only thing left is to take Europe back by force. Drive the barbarians out.


Thank you for the info and the research
Bloggers such as you must continue to lead the fight if we are to prevail against the islamists.
The battle against multiculturalism and pc must be won if western culture and values are to survive.


The day will finally arrive when enough is enough and the patient British will eventually snap. France will be the first to have its own Christian Muslim civil war, we will be next. Right wing parties will begin a meteoric rise, which the present day government knows will happen, which is why so much anti freedom legislation is being passed weekly, in a pre-emptive attempt to nulify the possible threat. Geert Wilders is just the first example, there are hundreds to follow.

Chris Schandevel

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Walter Lane

Ferdinand and Isabella had the right idea in Spain when they kicked the Moors out in the 15th century. And we believe that the modern world has progressed?

reza santorini

UK has never been a good place for Jews and they tried to reneg on their promise about Israel coming to be. Thus, they were attacked at the King David...

The British willingly allowed Islam to get away with murder...and they ran away themselves.

Britain was present when the Mufti of Jerusalem brought Hitler into the country...and now they pretend it didn't happen.


If you live in the land of the free keep you own culture that you have just escape from. We need to assemilation is the best ideal. Let the best ideas resinate with the England people. Not all culture is same, some culture produce better out come of society.

Look at CAIR, Islamic is political ideology not religious. Look at Iran or the the rest of redical islamic countries. They are not put the best interest of their people by giving freedom, liberty, and pesuit of individual happiness.


you also doing sex on roads and on every place.
islam did'nt allow this
and that do.they are doing wrong
1st see u.
then tel about muslims
o bed people

Frank Strong

Very good post. The reality is the rape epidemic here and in Europe is probably much worse than even you have managed to report. Authorities deliberately withold details about the ethnicity and religion of the attackers. Anyway, thanks for the matter.

Frank Strong

I believe Channel Four once broadcast a documentary covering this. It might be an idea to see if it's still online somewhere. I think it was part of their 'Dispatches' series.


A society that has turned its back on the Lord will get the same fate as the ancient Israelites. Philistines in their midst.

You wanted a society without the Lord. Enjoy.

[email protected]




i have just now looked on the net to see if there were any militia movements against islam. I am glad to see that there is. I live in the U.S. and the attack on Fort Hood Has my blood boiling. I am Sooooo sick of hearing about their "peaceful religion". There is NOThing peaceful about it. I believe if group took up arms across the world and started destroying their mosque, etc. and did what they are doing there might be a balance, but these people
WANT to take over the world and destoy the Kufur (non-believer). Every chance I get I link Islam to KKK and the Skinheads. Keep putting the in the "hategroup" catagory. Because the is where the belong. What is the difference between kkk and islam. islam discriminates against women--make the wear sheets have sex infront on their "wife" with their other "wives" if the women don't like it they just beat them or stone them, through acid on them. and women are not allowed to divorce, only the men do that after they used them up. Get roll model for kids. Why is the cult tolerate and the kkk and skinheads not??? I believe islam is worse. And the media needs to be called out for their bias on this on start saying what islam really is -- an international sex ring. There needs to be more of this militias in the u.s


Is the United Kingdom going to become the United Kingdom of Islam? I understand that there hush money going to muslim for the extra wives. First of all it is against the law for more than one, so the British are breaking their own law to accomodate islamic law. Why are the British outraged!! Do the people know? what are the electing as their officals. The Brits need to sue, and say that they have 2 roommmates they want to have extra money collected for, even if not legally married, for the muslim are not legal married in the u.k either. HHHHmmmm I wonder if the united States willl become the United States of Islamic America.


there is a problem with islam n islamists they dont want to mix up with differnt culture .because of these dogmatic loosers other people r facing the problems brit govt government should halt the moslims immigrants to enter in uk they r serious problem .they r incest rapist male scw


moslims living in a myth that one day islam will reign the planet to hell with them this religeon is full of corruption
merry with a 10 year old girl sharia no womens right no education every body should see the video of WAFA SULTAN ON YOUTUBE WAT SHE TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM N FUCKIN SHARIA

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