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February 10, 2009



Could these politicians possible be any more blind ? or are they that afraid to state the truth ? Everywhere that Muslims live with non-stone-age people they have big problems. how hard is it to tel the truth ? This is just disgusting. Brits need to burn down every single Mosque in their country,take it back before it's too late.

David Gray

The Police in this area of Glasgow know all the Paki muslim criminals and do not arrest them......THE ARE NOT ARRESTED.....even though these criminals commit serious crimes....the Glasgow police are a disgrace and they not doing their jobs.




BLAme the ignoracity of europe mosques and what they teachmuslims and brainwash them to extreem
they should be all stoped and reeducate,
also limit birthrate in uk, holand ,sweeden!!!


uk stend up and take back uk now ,even the media do not report much of what happning there , we the world worry about the future of all of us


Better warm up the hangman's noose, because that's the only way to "cure" a muslim...


You are under attack, it is a passive aggressive attack from within. Run or fight, you will have to start the fight from within your governments and stand up to the tide coming. The UK will be a third world group of nations, as will europe.

Immigrants are not the problem as much as immigrants not assimilating to their new home is. If you are a guest it is right to expect some courtesy, but you do not demand it or that the house you are visiting become yours.

Europe, you are the front lines, you must stand up for yourselves or otherwise be consumed, that really is the only choice. Looking at how you've all handled it so far... well it was nice knowing you, good bye, say 'ello to Allah guv'ver.


Yes we all know that we as non-muslims must stand up and fight back, but there is not a single organization or party under which we can do that, or is there? We can't even take to the streets and demonstrate against evil's of Islam, because Labour Govt won't let us.But Muslims can go out on streets and cause riot and call for our beheading if we say any thing against Islam, so where is the Democracy and free speech for non muslims? . log on

Walter Lane

First Scotland gives up it's freedom to England and now to the Muslims. Alba go Bragh!


I'm from Canada and I'm disgusted by our country's liberal attitudes concerning the muslim community. A few years back the muslim community sent forth to parliament a bill that would allow them to exact sharia law within their own community. Of course it was not sent through, but it started a silent and hateful schism. The muslim communities here in Canada for the most part arrived in Canada to escape the violence from their own countries. They LOVE the freedoms they have here in Canada, but most, secretly HATE, our society. I don't agree with any sort of groups and government that are willing to put their population in jeopardy in order to coddle certain muslims groups that have their own hateful agendas. The world views Canada as peaceful and passive. But if the same sort of hate crime were to happen here with the same horrendous violence against one of our own, there would be a huge vocal outcry and backlash against such violence. I'm left wondering; where is the brave Scottish population's voice in all of this? Was there any sort of reaction at all? Are the Scottish afraid of small hateful and racist groups in their own country? Of course not all muslims are to be targets but let’s cut the crap and call it as it is. If a hateful "anyone" whether white, black, muslim etc, were to commit a hate crime then CALL IT A HATE CRIME! In order NOT to be called a racist while calling on justice, one must include the muslim community itself to condemn a racially motivated, hateful act. This way they cannot turn around and call the rest to the country racists. If the muslim community will not help, then there is a DEFINITE PROBLEM! Did the muslim community have any sort of remorseful statements at all concerning this attack in your community? If they did, then did they themselves agree to have the course of justice take place? If the muslim community in Glasgow turned a blind eye to this horrific act, then I must say I feel sorry for all Scottish living in this community because it seems that a hateful disease is spreading in your own back yard and even the brutal torture and death of a young boy is enough to wake you up to take action.

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