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January 03, 2009


infadel chris

Every islamic terror pot is a coward simply because the hide under rocks or behind women & children, if they are real soldiers or real men why dont they stand & fight a propor battle with us in the west, then we can rid the planet of this cancer once & for all.. One thing is certain,, the conflict is coming & islam will be defeated 'the sooner the better'

Philip Saenz

UK Muslims are also fighting in England against the British. So why are you surprised that UK Muslims are fighting in Afganistan against the British?


waiting for the battle to finally be called. it's time to send these 7th century camel-molesters back to their own time.


If it were up to me I would make sure that whenever any of these "British Muslims" are caught fighting agains "our boys" they are paraded on tv and executed for Treason.

Then I would punish their entire family by shipping them back to Pakistan or whatever shithole Sharia loving country they came from.

They want Sharia? Simple - MOVE.

Taliban uk

we will take over europe and then the rest of the world,mar my words you infidels,from city to city,from town to town,from lamp post to lamp post,we'll run the road
Islam is the and all those hating have been brain washed by the free masonic secret societies who run the media
Please watch 'Arrivals' on you tube,you'll be shocked


Vampire Jack,

Good ideas, their Madrassahs should be shut down too, as well as Mosques. Why let someone into your country to preach for it's downfall, to preach ideas contrary to freedom,equality, and justice that we stand for? Why let the fox into the hen house in the first place ?


It´s time for Europe to rise against the evil that is Islam.

All muslim scum outof Europe.

Afaik Italy already begun to do it.

Annabel Schneider

The British Army needs to take control over immigration control. Great Britain needs to turn into a Police state for a while and people who are not welcome thrown out. When Visitors in Great Britain are enemies of Great Britain they must be thrown out. We need to see the iron fist of the state. If the government is too weak to do it the army needs to do it. The British Inteligence respects all religeons and they can be trusted to weed out the people we don't want in this country.
Great Britain is not a free for all. It is only for those who are faithful to or respect the state. The prime minister is an idiot - just one of the people. Total democracy is a lie. There has to be state control and discipline and people will wake up. The recession is a lie. The dignity must be restored to the British People and we need a leader willing to do it.

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