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January 13, 2009


Philip Saenz

Those mooooooslims sure take their religion seriously. The moooooslims truly believe they
are "the best of righteous people,"(Sura 3 Verse 110 of The Muslim War Manual, also called the Qur'an).


They can always move the Mohammedans back to the mountain...

Don't like it. Leave, and take the mosque with you.

The sight of their mosque offends me. It reminds me of the millions of Christians slaughtered without mercy.

It reminds me of my cancelled opening night. (Hell hath no fury like an actor denied his/her audience...and so on...)


Surely you mean the "Muslim Guidebook to Violent Crime"


I wouldn't mess with Mohammad Ali!! He floats like a butterfly and stings like camel pee!!


So they want to trouble the residents while they are in the Mosques planning their Jihad ? FVVK them.....


Yeah, equal rights HURTS, doesn't it.

Damn Labour party jackasses.

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