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December 29, 2008



Since the Islamic contribution to medicine consists of nothing more than camel piss and Zam Zam water is this now available on the NHS?


I've mentioned this on a BNP post - Muslim women are signing up for Red Cross training, but only for their own communities.

Looks like they expect an increase in injuries...

Shame on the Red Cross for accommodating them, and I dont want to hear any PC claptrap about "their religion doesn't allow..."


It seems some Hindus here are trying to pur cow piss all over the website.

Have Hindus run out of their cow urine drink which they carry in bottles to USA and Britain?


This website is based on total rubbish you jusdge my beliefs and my religionand you know nothing about it. all your accusations are foundationless and this is just a website hating aginst all muslims. I cant believe you have not been shut down, i mean this is a website, that directly attacks all muslim people, in my eyes its equal to attacking a culture or any other faith. Where in the world is it right to crtisice and attack every aspects of ones belief, it is a persons right ot believe in what they want and they should not be discrimminated by it. And people like you should not be telling people that islam is one big terrorist group because we are not. you are a pathetic, cold hearted person for attacking someones faith.


You are just an ignorant person, get a life.


Sadly because of the behaviour of these Muslim 'professionals', I assume that the great British public also doesn't trust its Hindu, sikh and buddhist doctors either


I am afraid to go for a blood test because my arm was seriously injured twice by Muslim phlebotomists.
I had no compensation because
of medical cover up, and a MUSLIM consultant suggested to perform an operation on my neck to repair the nerve injury done to my arm.
I would probably be in wheel chair or dead if I agreed.

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