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December 19, 2008


Philip Saenz

Thanks for the warning. I'll never eat at a Muslim eatery. It's the religion of Islam that teaches the Muslims seething hatred. The Muslim historical documents are replete with hatred. Examples taken from The Muslim War Manual, the Qur'an:
"Never be a helper to the disbeliever,"(Sura 28 Verse 26).

"Take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends,"(Sura 5 Verse 61 and Sura 60 Verse 13).

"The unbelievers are the worst beasts in the eyes of Allah," (Sura 8 Verse 55).

So you can readily see that when Muslims are feeding the infidels human feces, they are practicing their religion.


I haven't eaten at a muslim eatery for donkeys years...I wouldn't give these throwbacks the snot from my nose end...what concerns me is not knowing who the suppliers are of seemingly British food.

For that reason I generally stick to pork products and eat veg. from my own allotment.


Have heard of a similar case years ago in Germany. A kebab restaurant in the nearby town was shut down due to alleged "adding sperm into the white sauce, only given out to non-muslims." I know not, if this was the case, but the kebab was closed. I myself had a nice night of pretty intensive puking and diarrhea after eating a Döner Kebab. Anyway, i love it far too much, i'll take the risk and eat a tasty Kebab every now and then ;-)

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