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December 03, 2008



Ahh...the Islamic "celebration" of Eid, when animals´throats are slit by the young boys of the Muslim families and the blood flows in the streets. The sweet sounds of bleating sheep dying and cattle being butchered in the front yards of Muslim neighborhoods. Rivers of blood running down the streets. Yes, Eid, that wonderful ritual of animal slaughter and the smell of death reaking through the city. My favorite time of year. A beautiful time of year when the Islamists can fantasize that rather than a sheep´s throat they are slitting the throat of an infidel.


Let's hope the "One Law for All" Campaign actually gets off the ground.

Charles R.L. Power

I don't understand this bit about maximizing attendance. A good Muslim should have no desire to participate in or attend a Christian Nativity presentation. The obvious solution would be for the Muslim kids to be excused, as I would assume Jewish kids are. (Or are they compelled to attend?)

Philip Saenz

Looks like England has caved in to the "Religion of Peace," that is, Islam. If the British knew what I know about Islam, they would never buckle. But apparently the British don't know, or maybe don't care.
Why don't you British people at least look at the 57 countries of Islam. All these countries are Third World Countries. Doesn't that tell you anything? What modern things that the Muslims have in these countries are inventions of the "infidels," cars, radio, television, computers, planes, trains, cameras, and much more. By way of medicine, what have the Muslims discovered?

Are you British ready for Shariah Law? Are you ready to hand over your little girls so that they can perform the ritual of Female Genital Mutilation? Are you ready to hand over your little girls as young as eight years old in "marriage" to old Muslim male lechers? Are you ready to have your hands and feet chopped off because of minor offenses? Are you women especially ready to be stoned to death in case you weaken some day and commit adultery? Are you British people ready to have your eyes gouged out because you have committed a minor offense? Are gays ready to be hanged by the neck because you are gay? Are you ready to accept The Muslim War Manual, the Qur'an?
Allow me to quote a few passages from the Muslim War Manual: "O ye who believe, fight them, the disbelievers, [the infidels] who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty,"(Sura 9 Verse 123).
"As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hand, a punishment by way of example for their crimes, and Allah is exalted in power,"(Sura 5 Verse 38).
"Make war on the infidels around you,"(Sura 66 Verse 9).
"Be ruthless to the infidels,"(Sura 48 Verse 29).
"Fight those who believe not Allah nor the Last Day,"(Sura 9 Verse 29).

And much, much more. Dear British people. The authentic Muslims will not only go after you, but also after other Muslims. For example, at this very moment the Sunni Muslims are warring against the Shiite Muslims, and the Shiite Muslims are warring against the Sunni Muslims. The Muslim Kurds, the Wahabbis, and other Muslim sects are no different. Read history and you'll see that Islam has actually been the religion of brutality, death and destruction. "Religion of Peace"? Lying is part of the Muslim strategy.


I read the announcement about the halal butchers with utter disbelief. If you go to the governments own national statistics, you will read that whilst 66% of Hindu girls get 5 good GSCE passes, only 22% of Muslim boys do. Those same statistics will also tell you that the largest group of unemployed youths is the Muslims. Since the only requirements for a halal butcher seem to be uttering the name Allah whilst cutting a throat, it would seem here is a perfect occupation for them.
I prefer the Norwegian approach to halal for jail. Learn to eat pork or stop being a criminal.


If the recently departed generation of Englishmen, who built a British empire of half the planet could see the British people now, they'd execute you all as cowards.

I suppose I should be grateful though. Had your great-grandparents rolled over as easily as you sycophants of Chamberlain, my grandfather would not have been deported to Canada. Thanks.

Here's to your continued choice to choose shame. You obviously haven't the backbone to defend yourselves.

Bill Abong

Melanie Phillips needs to start her own party. I have strong feeling the Brits have had it up to their ears with Islam, and Mel is just the lady to lead them to immigration reform and stopping this nonsense that is destroying a once proud nation. Go Mel, save your country! (PS - Read her book "Londonstan" for a very insightful look into how the British got to this stage.)


Winston Churchill is rolling over in his grave.
He would personally kick your asses in Britain for your betrail.


It is time for Labour to go - really!!

Westerners are being asked to tolerate a religion that is intolerant -

For ex. if a Muslim person or citizen of an Islamic Nation doesn't practice Ramadan - then they will be locked up -

These things have to be considered if we are asked to 'share' in what they are doing.

Never mind the fact that you cannot leave the religion - in the Islamic world you will be arrested, tortured, sent to re-education camps - have your travel documents confiscated - there are no churches in Saudi Arabia - and in those Muslim countries where there are churches - it is illegal for a Muslim there to step foot in one -

And in almost every case once Muslims gain or are given power in an area they seek to implement these same rules.

The list of complaints for getting rid of Christian Holidays and replacing them with Muslim ones is long - one good place to start is in language - we are not encouraged to say Happy Christmas - but we can say Happy Eid.

In the Western world - no one is ever locked up for not practicing Christmas - but in the Islamic world it is a crime not to follow the Islamic traditions -

We are supporting religious intolerance - and if we empower it enough - we should not be surprised that one day - we as westerners will have to fight against it.

Where Islamic traditions largely affect the Islamic world - it will affect the western world. We have to be talking in terms of human rights - because in the Islamic world religious rights supercede the rights of the individual. Ignore this to our peril.


I truly feel for my British brothers. I can only hope that the United States learns from the UK errors.


If the school is secular, only secular stuff should be shown. IF the school is religious, then the dominant religion of the school should be held sway. I went to a Catholic school during my primary years, but I'm not Catholic, and yet I still particpated because I choose to. Because it was the school I was attending. When I went to public school, only secular decorations were around. May as well as stop being called England and officially change the name to Englandstan. Unless the Brits fight back.


"We are a very inclusive school and fully respect the cultures and religions of all the children."
this was never the case when I was at school (near Nottingham I might add). there was no thought to atheists and agnostics; prayer was compulsory. I guess we secularists just don't do as much ranting and bullying and mindless violence as Islam does, so no need to think about our beliefs.


Just a question from Israel.
Please, no need to answer.


All it takes is another attack in England and then things will kick off - I can guarantee that.


Muslims emmigrate to the West to escape their own cultures and the socio-economic problems inherent in them. But having fouled their own nests, they then insist on fouling ours.

Arabs bring the desert with them.

Jonathan Nolan

"Arabs bring the desert with them."

Fucking quote of the millennium that one.

Time for a Crusade. It seriously fucking is.

Parvinder Singh

Obviously poor planning by the school. In my child's school they would have celebrated 4 different festivals this term [Hannukah, Eid, Christmas and Diwali]. So far so good. Why blame the Muslims?


i realised this blog was written by a sikh guy,when will sikhS cut their f*****g
hair,they are dirty people and hygiene is something that they don't have in their lives,dirty people with a disgusting lifestyle
islam will dominate the world, mark my words people

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