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December 15, 2008


Philip Saenz

It's too bad that the Muslim brain cannot reason very well. According to the Muslim god, Allah, it's good and wholesome to chop of the clitoris of a little girl "to keep her pure." That's what leads me to believe that the Muslim god, Allah, is in reality Satan. That is the reason that I conjoin the two names as follows: Satan/Allah. So chopping off the clitoris of a child is pleasing to Satan/Allah who is the god of cruelty, the god of depravity, the god of wickedness, the god of female genital mutilation, the god of murder, the god of wanton death and destruction, the god of the backward Muslim brain.

Obviously the Muslim brain rejects the God of the Christians and Jews. You see, the True God endows a child with a clitoris. If the True God endows a child with a clitoris, this God of the Christians and Jews wants the child to keep it. But the backward Muslim brains, from the 57 backward, Muslim Third World Countries caught off the clitoris of a child. So it follows that Muslims are wicked and go counter to the wishes of the True God, the God of human lives that should remain intact.
So Muslims, why don't you discard that Muslim brain, and think like the "infidels" that you condemn? If you do that, you will leave those little girls alone, and allow them to keep their clitoris endowed by the True God, the God of Christians and Jews.

Philip Saenz

After cutting off the clitoris of a child, depraved, perverted, sex craved, old Muslim males marry the mutilated child as young as eight years old, and then these sick Muslim individuals rape these little children. And these backward depraved old Muslim males get away with it simply by saying: "It's the custom." And guess what? Infidel Dhimmis agree. "It's the custom," they agree. And of course the depravity, and cruelty of little girls continue in the Muslim world. The frightened little girls continue to cry and suffer. Again, I'm asking the Muslims to have mercy, and show pity for these little girls instead of raping them. Shame, shame, shame on you Muslims.

D Rogers

Hey... Phillip Saenz..

Allah is one of the gods of the Muslims.... Satan is another.. Just like Zeus was king of the gods and Hades was god of the underworld.

Christians have a pantheon too.. and sure.. Satan is the Christian god of evil..

As a "god" is defined as a supernatural deity with magical authority over an area of expertise.... you know... like Satan is the father of all lies... or Mars was god of war..that sort of thing.

Hey, I'll be the first to agree that Islam is a troublesome religion.. but Islam itself doesn't call for genital mutilation... not even of females.

Judaism does specifically call for genital mutilation... but nobody cares, because Christians have adopted the custom..

Most Christians are circumscized.. or however you spell that.

You even got Americam doctors claiming there is a medical basis for it... heh

So... heck... there are plenty of things to criticize Islam for.. most notably Jihad and Sharia.

But so far as genital mutilation goes.. it's really common in Christian society... on males..

and you seem just a tad thoughtless and hypocritical.

But thanks for your input...

Steve D.

Why not circumcize and then castrate all muslim males and we won't have to worry about terrorist after they are all gone.


Steve D , I completlly agree with you ,Any muslim who wish to enter Europe, UK must agree to be castrated and those who are already here must also be castrated, so as to decrease their population. log on


I just read this and found myself so angry - again! I read an article on FGC a few years ago, I donated what little money I could, but I was still infuriated! I had hoped to see a MAJOR decrease in the # of FGC being preformed. WHY ARE WE NOT BRINGING THESE STORIES TO THE MAJOR PRESS and keep on them until this is no longer allowed? I swear, if I didn't have my children to look after - I would sign up to Africa and visit every country until this torture no longer exists.


This article is very disturbing. While the information is very graffic in nature, it is also very informative on the subject itself. Each country has traditions or beliefs which one might find disturbing but without reading about it how would you actually know what takes place in othe parts of the world?

CAPlastic Surgeon

This problem is prevalent in Sudan. It's got nothing to do with religion. It's customary. You'd have to travel overseas to really understand WHY it's done. But, nevertheless, it's a life threatening, mutilating, forced procedure that is only done with very uneducated folk way out in the country. Mostly it is done to Bedouin girls.


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