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December 01, 2008



Religious ADVICE whatever the religion, to be considered, well OK, but ALWAYS within the law of OUR land.


When will Great Britain and the U.S. get their guts back? It's your country! They came to YOUR country. They MUST abide by your laws, not theirs. When will Christians stand up and say ENOUGH! If the U.K. doesn't stop this insanity now, it will be too late. Same thing with the United States. Everyone has turned into a big bunch of P---ies when it comes to the MUSLIM DESIRES!

Parvinder Singh

And we demand an end to the Beth Deen [Jewish Civil Court System]????

What Jewish Court? Yes, up and running and passed through UK parliament more than 5 years ago.

Parvinder Singh

And we demand an end to all Jewish Law Courts too as there is only one legal system????????????

What Jewish Court?


Who ever made this site, I have 3 words to tell you
dont you have a life to actually make a site and write bullshit about others religion.

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