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November 28, 2008


Philip Saenz

Rape is prevalent in the Muslim workd probably because women are seen beneath male Muslims. For starters, women are second class or less to Muslim males. A few Muslim ahadith follow: "Women are your prisoners; treat them well, if necessary beat them but not severely...," Tirmidhi, 104. The problem is that no one knows what "not severely" means.

Muslim males see women as evil so they're allowed to disrespect them: "Seek refuge from a woman, a servant, and cattle -- they are evils...," Sunaan ibn Majah, 3.1918.

Muslim males follow Muhammad's example: Aisha, Muhammad's child bride complained that Muhammad beat her, and that his "followers treated women like dogs and asses..., Sahih Muslim, 3.1039.

Old Muslim males are allowed to "marry" prepubescent little girls,(Sura 65 Verses 1,4).

Since females are seen without rights, females become fair game to Muslim males. Subsequently, rampant rapes follows in the Muslim world.

Joe Kaffir

Will the next Winston Churchill please come forward!

drew rosenman

it's time to nuke one billion sand monkeys. They're sick. And the ones we don't nuke, let's have gorillas rape them! That is, if the gorillas aren't sickened by the prospect of slumming it.


There is no shame in Islam. God however will have something to say to these men, as they take their last ride to an everlasting hell.


Islam is a cancer & we treat cancer with radiation.. are nukes such a bad idea then ??


I am reminded at how SEATO's response to a communist china invasion was to use tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield. However it was discovered that the world can only take so many nuclear explosions before the environment capitulates and the world is plunged into a nuclear winter. So, there's no easy solution guys.


I'm thinking it may be time to start fighting fire with fire. Take all our death row inmates and train them for suicide missions all around the Islamic world, blowing up the most popular and crowded mosques on Fridays with the most powerful explosives we can strap on a guy, starting with Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. Then ask for terminally ill volunteers to work their way around the Islamic world blowing the living crap out of malls, souks, mosques, hotels, and anywhere there are a lot of muslims - including the Muslim neighborhoods in England, Scotland, Denmark, France, Spain, Canada, US, etc, etc. Let's just start blowing the crap out of these people. I'm tired of playing nice and "tolerant."

Mary Ann S.

Try living as a Western woman in an Islamic country like I had to do for almost a year. You are a thing not a person to these animals. Muslim women are treated with a tad of respect. As an infidel female you are just a piece of meat to be eaten up.


There were so many Paki taxi drivers running around Birmingham without licenses, that the council just had to do something.... know what they did? They offered a grant of upto £2.000 for those who would come forward and become legit. How nice eh?


Heck, I would do the same thing.
I would never put my daughter in a cap with one of them. They don't see her as human.
Call me what ever you want, as long as she is safe.
If putting her in a cab with an "Asian" exposes her to a 5% chance of rape compared to a 0.05% chance with an English driver you damn right I'll request and English driver.
To do other wise is to invite disaster.

Bill Abong

Next time a British girl is raped or even looked at askance by one of these Muzzie animals, thousands of young British studs ought to start taking cabs and asking the Muzzie drivers to take them down a nice, quiet street, then have him pull over and just beat the living sh+t out of him. Beat him to a pulp just because he IS a Muzzie driver. Do this all over Britain after every attack on a British girl and you'll see how quickly they get the message.

Stephen Gash

Most of these rapes take place in minicabs, or more often bogus minicabs. Minicabs should be banned and only proper taxis with "Taxi" lamps on the roof be allowed.
Advice to women - text the licence plate number to a trusted friend or relative before getting in a cab and tell the driver you've done it.


I think she should have been given an award and raise for taking her responsibility as a mother
so seriously.Not fired. Too few parents take sufficient care these days.


Does anybody else think that at the present situation we are in in the Western world that things are like in 1942; only now our governments are telling us the equivalent of, 'No, no, not all the Germans want to destroy our civilisation. Only a handful of extremists. Nazi-ism itself isn't bad, just the way a TINY MINORITY abuse it ! Also, most of the Japanese are peace loving. Only a TINY MINORITY were respobnsible for Pearl Harbour, and then again, maybe the evil Yanks did it themslves to put the blame on the innocent Axis powers !!!"

Bob A.

Hey Jerry,
I have to agree with you. I would have done the same as Sam and agree with Sean and also with the rest of the comments on this.
Bob A.


There is nothing the religion of peace values any more than their women and children.


When Ken Livingstone was Mayor of London he had some ads made to highlight the danger of lone women getting unlicensed mini-cabs. It was filmed so that you could not get a good look at the driver until the end:he was white!!


Sounds like a real good reason to join and support the BNP. They might well be the best hope for the UK.


In the 1970's and 1980's I'd have regarded the BNP and its predecessor the National Front as fascists and skinheads. Now I'm inclined to think they may be our only hope for survival in a world of political correctness gone completely mad. It is now obvious that we in the West are in the middle of a war; one loosely declared on us by a rag-tag coalition of psychotic religious fanatics, tacitly supported by many, if not most of that religion's adherents, who originally came to our countries precisely to get away from the madness engulfing their own lands. Now they want to turn OUR countries into replicas of the places they left ? Where's the sense in that ?
However worse than them are the Quislings in our own countries, yes, our own people who are trying to destroy our culture by this ludicrous 'multiculturism' on a huge scale. I remember an Indian or Pakistani restaurant was a novelty in the UK. And a pleasant evening out. What is not so pleasant is the presence of hundreds of thousands of these people, DEMANDING we change our ways to suit their demands.
I presume you could change Indians and Pakistanis above for Moroccans and Algerians in France, Turks in Germany and Mexicans in the USA. My own place with a slight foreign flavour now and again, when I want it,is OK by me, but I don't want my cities to end up resembling the worst parts of Karachi, Tangiers, Istanbul or Juarez. Nor, it is plain to see, do most others.


Your govt is currently justifying bringing in 5,000 Paki halal butchers. THAT ought to help!?!?!?


Sorry, but this article strikes me as a bit sensationalist. I'd like to see the supporting data provide a more clear-cut comparison between rapes committed by caucasian taxi drivers (and see these incidents against the larger picture of all reported/estimated rape cases over the six+ year period you mention) before being able to make an informed decision of whether this is truly an 'epidemic' or not.


You muslims never believe anything bad that you do. You just refute the evidence and say " We just don't believe the story" and that's that. You take no responsibilty for any of your actions and the world is becoming sick and tired of your disgusting culture and religion of hatred and violence. I agree with the rest of the British people who have made their comments. It's time that we take matters into our own hands and show you sub-humans a little lesson regarding proper behaviour in Western society.

the wise

the only person who made a sensible and a clever intelligent comment is Thom. the rest of the comments i read r just brainwahed sheeps absorbing what the media says. sure there r 'muslim' taxi drivers razling girls and women at the back seat, but this shit happens everyday by taxi drivers no matter what race. but the media, as usual, points out only the muslim doing which is typical of thses zionist islam-haters media. they can turn the whole west against the muslims but it'll only make us stronger and they aint never gonna break us.
" the hour will not come untill muslims suffer hardship from trangressors all around the world." nuff said, peace.


Your labour government is doing well. It looks like our left wing government in Holland

Parvinder Singh

If you cheked with the statistics of the prison service you will find that rape is a crime [in terms of percentage] which is more commonly committed by white males and figures on Vulnerable prisoner units have very few asian or black men.

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