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November 22, 2008


alan fox

come to glasgow, or listen to the people's comic billy connelly in glasgow we have 5 saracen's head/sarryheids pubs, and you will never change them,
try7 if you dare lol,


Just don't go to this pub for a while and economics will make the owners reverse the decision.
But if this islamisation continues, the pub will become a mosque one day and called 'the infidel's head'. Wake up UK, wake up Europe!


Well, Alan Fox, I'm from Glasgow myself, and I wouldn't give much of a chance to anybody who tried to mess with the real original Sarry Heid !


I wonder if this silliness will cause the "Saracens Rugby Club" to change its name to the snivelling dhimmis?I fancy not!


I have read about a lot of PCing going on in the UK. I know it's only a matter of time before the US starts with it as well. It has started to trickle in here in the US, just as it did there years ago...
They don't worry about offending us, which they do on a daily basis, so why should we care about offending them!?!?!?!
Sharia law courts? Mosques everywhere? Constant demonstrations by the Religion of Peace Extremists (R.O.P.E..if they give us enough of it, we will hang ourselves!)? When are we all going to wake up, stand up and say "ENOUGH!!!!"? I have railed against those that have said "we deserve it", we don't but we will if we don't put a stop it to.
Lo', behold the destruction of the Western Civilization.

Parvinder Singh

The article by no way justifies the response [so far]. It does not mention anywhere that any Muslim person actually complained or claimed it was offensive to them.
The article specifies two people who 'thought' it may be offensive. They are Rod Murphy and Rev Morris. I would be labelling any anger at them. Are they the official spokesmen of the Muslim Community in B'ham?
If someone had the common sense to ask the Muslims of B'ham, they would have realised that it is not in the least offensive at all.

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