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October 24, 2008


Philip Saenz

Muslims are Muslims. Muslims kill, kill, kill, each other, and also Christians and Jews. Gore never satisfies real Muslims. Their Muslim War Manual, the Qur'an, teaches Muslims to be violent. Violence and hatred is preached in the Muslim mosques. So what else do you expect of the violent Muslims? I hope that someday these violent Muslims evolve and grow a human brain. Only then will they stop their violence. What a shameful act to train horses to fight to the death. That's the first time I have heard of this. No, it doesn't surprise me that evil Muslims will resort to violence for entertainment. It's their nature. Muslims even mutilate their own children during one of their festivals. Shameful and barbaric.


if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... it's a duck.


is not gambling illegal in islam.


Everything in the "religion of peace" is killing, torture, mayhem, blood, and HATE!!

270 million infidels dead, in 1400 years, who know's how many animal lives were also destroyed by this death cult.

This will be the FUTURE of this entire planet,, if this sick medieval cult prevails.

They will outbreed this planet,, and devour, species after species.

There will be mass extinctions caused by these PRIMIVITE humans,, breeding out of control.

You CANNOT have Animal Rights,, in places where there are NO Human Rights!!!



"don't annoy the bikers
it's a islam free zone"


opps, I am so upset by this I have rented fingers,,

should read,, Primitive

PS,, Be sure to ask my AWESOME friend


For a box of Obsession DVD's to pass out to your family and friends.

He will send you a 50 DVD box,, FREE OF CHARGE, and you too can join the Infidel Nations,, in fighting back against radical islam!

Tell him I sent ya,, He is one of my HEROS!!!


Proud pagan infidel Harley Biker


This article has nothing to do with Islam. Dog-fighting and animal-fighting in general are a cultural and educational (what I mean is views generally change based on the kind of education one receives) kind of phenomenon. Pit bulls were for the first time bred and gained wide use for fights in England, a Christian nation. While Quran has many faults, and Muhammad was a terrible role model to follow, not all Muslims are alike, just like not all Christians, Jews, or Buddhists are alike. There are a lot of 'restaurant menu' religious people, who take what they deem good and leave the rest in the religion. Not a whole people can be blamed for what has become a cultural practice in a region in Philippines. Unless, of course, you're already a bigot and striving to find anything to label a whole people.


First - the pit bull is a relatively recent AMERICAN breed. The first dog bred for fighting originated in the mid 1800s and was/is the English bull terrier. This breed is no longer a fighting breed and one, Rufus, recently won Best in Show at Westminster.

Second Mindanao is a MUSLIM populated island & annually has a MUSLIM Festival - with throngs of families - hanging off trees due to the numbers of people attending & enjoying & cheering the horse killing show. (even though it was banned ten years ago by the gov't.)

What don't you get about the muslim connection?

Please reread the blog, the dog fighting blog and the related articles.

Josephine Albertina

I am looking for a group of people,or organisation,
..... WHO DO CARE!......
To help to stop this barbarian behaviour in this part of the world! Me Josephine Albertina, wants to be a active member to do anything to put a stop to this! Please email me for such,group, or organisation to:[email protected]
thank you.

proud infidel

islam is garbage. All muslim societies are backwards hellholes.


stuped people how you can do that ....i hate that tradition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you all animals how you can do that?????!!!!


are you can people stop to this.are you not anderstod was that is terible ... you all fire to the hell !!!

Godfrey deBouillon

I say whenever these filthy infidel bipeds are discovered fighting dogs or horses--waste no time! Just shoot to kill each two-legged brute. Send them all to the everlasting fire they claim awaits us!!

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