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September 20, 2008



If anyone has watched the movie V for Vendetta, then this is what will happend to England. What about what Guy Fawkes did to try to free the English from Parliment? Where is a Winston Churchhill? HE knew what could happen to his country. WAKE UP ENGLAND!!!


If an American police chief was to suggest what Detective Inspector Terry Crompton advised he or she would have been booted out on his or her ass in a New York minute. Where are the women's groups yelling about this? Oh I forgot, your Muslim overlords forbid such groups.

Foster Foskin

The more I read about my former home country the happier I am that my parents got me out of there before I grew up. Why are the British people putting up with this?

The police are a disgrace; more like appeasing mini-Neville Chamberlain's than guardians of the public good. It's time the police stopped relying on all those useless CCTV's and started patrolling know, the very task they were first formed for. They should be out there arresting criminals instead of pandering to them because of a misplaced fear of being labeled racists. Come on! Rape is rape, no matter what color or creed the perpetrator. Get off your asses Britain and take back your country from these people. Kick out any non-white who commits a serious crime. Send them back where they came back from. Force the police to walk the beat again. This cannot go on!!!!

Paul Troon

The problem is not entirely the police. The biggest source of the problem is the liberal labour party.

The English people need to rise up and kick these dhimmicrats out of office.

Is there no such thing in the British court system as a writ of mandamus, which forces an government official to perform his duty?


Again, the religion of peace strikes again. God commands that you should satisfy your sexual need at the costs of violating womens rights. How about rounding these vermin up and sending them back to the 3rd world shit hole they came from. oh, i forgot that the UK panders to the enemy. Neville Chamberlain come to mind? This shit would not and will not happen in the USA. We would demand that something be done by the authorities, or else we would handle matters vigilante style. We are allowed to own guns. boy, it sucks to live in the UK.


Hey, wait a minute. Like the Australian cleric said, Western women who expose parts of their skin are like partially exposed meat on the streets - you must expect the birds and the dogs will come to it for their pickings. So come on Brit ladies, cover yourselves in burqas and in no way tempt Muslim men with a flash of your flesh, knowing their pent-up sexual frustrations and feelings of inadequecies. You only have yourselves to blame (in their minds)if you are raped.


When a rape happens in a major city on a continuing basis, all hell breaks loose. The police canvass that area, looking for persons of interest,clues, witnesses, etc.. We don't have the authorities telling us to not go somewhere because that would mean they are incapable of preseving the peace. By the way, even if a woman walks down the street naked, it doesn't give me the right to touch her or sexually assault her. With thier logic, If i can start and steal thier car because they left it on the street, it would be legallly right. Fuck Islam, the perveyers of violence,murder, and any other hypocrytical thing you can think of. Stop trying to make these people happy. they will only be happy when all non musliams are dead. period

Joe Kaffir

' if you want to beat your wife and mutilate your daughter, be our guest. We'll even subsidize it because we want to be your friend!

Pat Condell..."Appeasing Islam"

Philip Lowry

Multiculturalist England has brought this on itself. And when this starts happening in America, we'll have brought it upon ourselves too.

roger welly

Hmmmmmmm Asian means Mulsim??? which planet are you on do you know how mnay asian hindus and christians live in this country,,, What a bunch of thickos....go get a life,, guess what its not like christian priests rape young boys?

roger welly

Hmmmmmmm Asian means Mulsim??? which planet are you on do you know how mnay asian hindus and christians live in this country,,, What a bunch of thickos....go get a life,, guess what its not like christian priests rape young boys?


Very important story!! I know in Sweden this is a big issue there too. "Imagine a world without religion".


Imagine a world without religion?

My science is superior to your science - YOUR science is wrong!

Ahem - a little South Park reference for you all.


The over-immigration in Britain has upset the country and its laws. The muslims have now found a loophole within the British legal system, which enables them, legally, to operate their own courts with Sharia law.

Look at this article and take it one step further. Not only are judges now sympathetic to muslims who cannot control their urges but, if you look at the way this would be handled under Sharia law, the poor, raped woman, would be considered guilty of tempting the rapist because she was not covering her body. She would be publicly stoned. Is this what will be happening next in Britain? Will rape victims be stoned to death?

I have been very much involved in enjoying the multicultural aspect of Canada, and the way we foster and encourage it but, looking at what has happened in England because of multi-culturalism and the lack of any control or basic adherence to the pre-existing way of life and pre-existing I predict that, in thirty years, we will have a problem here in Canada.

Canada is the most wonderful country in the world, and I was honoured to be allowed to live here. I have accepted what it was and what it offered, because it was the best. I am sick of East Indians and Muslims coming here and trying to change things to suit themselves, ripping off the government, ICBC, and cheating in business. I am tired of facing a growing fear of having to deal with any of these people because, by our standards, they are most often dishonest. I am tired of them whining about discrimination just because things don’t go the way THEY want it to, and of them whining that they have been discriminated against because they don’t get jobs they are not qualified for.

I enjoy sharing information about our different cultures and religion, our food, way of life, philosophies, music and dance – but for God’s sake, let everyone respect and admire Canada for the wonderful country that it is and not try to change it to be like India or some other country that they couldn’t wait to get away from.

I left Britain in 1973, and am glad I did, but it hurts me to see what has happened to the country. What hurts me even more is that Canada is headed int he same direction.

I don't understand why the British white anglo-saxon protestants are not raising their voices. Are you really such whimps over there?

Wayne in Virginia

As an American, it's worth noting that, ever since the events of 9/11, we Yanks have become much better informed about islam--much greater, more in-depth knowledge about the history, the philosophy, and the varied, arcane intricacies of islam. As a result, I believe we are far, far less likely to be fooled or swayed into submitting to these ignorant, barbaric, repressive idiots. Most importantly--we are an armed nation, and we hold dear to the notion that we have a right to keep and bear firearms for personal use or protection. Once you disarm a populace, they are at the complete mercy of the government, and anything it chooses to do. Not so in America--we would revolt. It's just in the way we are 'wired'. So go ahead, Mohammad--give it your best effort! We'll mow you down like the vermin you are.


I am glad that people at last are realizing the threat to Western society from Muslims in the West. Islam permits muslims to be flexible only when they are in minority-every thing changes once they become majority and that is the danger to the West.log on

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