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September 30, 2008



This is nothing more than vandalism, but it is a sign of worse to come. There are a lot more signs out there for those who want to see, the incredible support the right wing has been getting in Austria, the fact that ordinary citizens are joining hells angels in Denmark. The demonization of Muslims in Italy. The long sleep is over. When the government does not act on legitimate concerns, the rabble takes over.


Well, Seeteufel, I couldn't agree with you more.The 'Islamicisation'of Europe and the forthcoming virtual disappearance of the cultures of Belgium and Denmark ( to begin with )in particular are extremeely legitimate concerns. In fact, at times I wonder if some Governments are deliberately provoking anti-muslim sentiment by enforcing an impossible 'bend over-backwards' attitude towards them which only infuriates the ordinary citizen. When the backlash comes, as it surely will, the Govt reps can sniff an onion and weep crocodile tears on TV about how awful bigotry is, and then severely curtail any freedoms we might have left in the name of 'national security.'

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