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September 23, 2008


Big A

I can hardly stand to hear it anymore. What the hell is going on? The place where I live has always had issues with illegal mexican workers. you can bet that if your in my neighborhood people will jump on you for even thinking about speaking another language besides english. As soon as our rights are set aside for someone else's all hell breaks loose. When the Muslims start to gather, you can bet that we have truckloads of Texas rednecks ready to go, to beat back the Islamic movement for world domination.

I say all this knowing that the Muslimization of America has already started. Everyday I try to tell someone about this blog so they too will take notice as the whining Muslims come our way. I read that the US is allowing 10's of thousands of Iraqi refugees come into our country every year. I feel bad for them because of what our government is doing but are we opening the door for what is happening in your country? I think so. How many out of the thousands are really terrorist? Me thinks, alot!


You blokes in the UK need to get with your politicians and allow RTC back into your law books. RTC= Right to Carry.

If they even thought for a second that somebody they were about to assault could possibly be able to defend themselves these attacks would cease.

Try this shit in the US of A- I bet you a dollar to donuts that these gangs would have their brain matter splattered over the pavement. Then it'd be paramedics cleaning the streets, and not helpless street sweepers.

Wake up now- many of us think it is already too late for you.


Please stop using the term "Asian youth" for this kind of green slimey scum because it they are Muslims from Bangladesh and Pakistan. The other "Asians" (Hindus and Sikhs) don't indulge in these barbaric acts. Get them out of UK before they destroy your way of life. Turf out Dhimmi politicians and bring in Brits with steel in their spine. The PC attitude only encourages these animals who are evr willing to turn UK into another Pakistan.


I predict in the near future that the white/black gangs will join forces and go after a common enemy.

A serious turf-war is around the corner.

Bob Smith

I keep reading about Muslims attacks like this.

What is the fealing of the average guy on the street in the UK. Do they know what is happening to the country?

Philip Lowry

Once again, England pays in blood due to her stupid "multiculturalist" attitude.

It's gonna take a nuke to wake these idiots up, I swear...

Stout Viking

"White Scum"? "Our territory"? Since when England is THEIR territory? Let them go back to Islamistan and go ape as much as they want in there. Brits, what's up with you? Why you let them buttfuck you this way?


To be honest I believe that the Muslims really DO want a holy war wherever they find themeselves (well, when they have enough numbers anyway) - I say let's give it to them.

You live by the sword....


As long as white people allow the non-whites into our living space this will continue. The ONLY solution is to remove all non-whites from our countries ever if we have to kill them. In the end, they will kill us, or we will kill them!


Hey,"Big A" why don't you worry about "beating back" MS-13? They're already taking over at your southern Texas border. You think Muslims aren't already in Texas? look in Lubbock & San Antonio.


I'm an English bloke, and believe me if I could carry a gun I would, but our law forbids it. These muslim scum run certain areas in every city in England. Our goverment could not care less about us, except when it comes to election time, other than that Brown and co are to busy pandering to the muslim crap. Our police have been tied into a PC knot and dare not even arrest a muslim without at least 20 cops there. Someone asked what blokes like me think, I think we in England need a bloody civil war, and we need it now, as these muslim scum are destroying our country, be careful my American friends they came here at first all smiles and gratitude, and now we have this. Do not believe muslims, they pretend to be your friends, then they slowly take over bit by bit. We in England need someone like a Churchill to led our people. We cannot rely on our goverment and come 2010 if England has not errupted into civil war by then Brown and PC labour will never sit in goverment again. I love my country, I would die for my country as my grandfather and father died for her. We just need a leader to unite the people as the hostility here against muslims is growing daily.

Stout Viking

Dear English Bloke Jack, I don't think a weapon permit will solve anything. If you're allowed to carry a gun - so do they. More guns will end up on the streets and soon enough London will be more dangerous than Chicago in the 1920's.
I say deport anyone who's an immigrant with a police record, for starters. Then work their abused and tortured women into leaving that sick cult of Islam and help you fight it.


English Bloke Jack,

I truly do feel your dilema. We in Chicago would NEVER allow this to happen. Say what you will about CHPD. but they WILL NEVER BACK DOWN and they will always TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS, unlike the EMASCULATED UK Cops.

To "stoat - look it up" so called viking - You don't know sh*t about Chicago. If you have issues with radical m u s l i m s (death and pestilence upon them). We do not take any crap from them. Ever. Pertod. GROW A SPINE. Enough said. Oh, and by the way I did serve in the military and do advocate DEPORTATION of any m u s l i m that does not like the host nations customs.

Unknowable Indian

To the English bloke: Are you the descendants of the people that conquered a fourth of the globe and ruled the seas for two hundred years?

To the British media: How come when someone is knighted s/he is "an Indian" or "a Pakistani" but the gang such as the above is always "Asian/ South Asian"? What do you achieve by hiding their national identity? We will eventually know these gang members are not from Bhutan or Mongolia; why not spill it out frankly?

To those who complain that a whole community is branded as terrorists: "If someone calls you a donkey, ignore him; if a whole village calls you donkey, buy yourself a saddle" - Yiddish saying.

Willy d.

You only need to a cursory study of the history of islam to know that as soon as the islamist population attains a majority in the UK, you are in for the real violent actions to make islam supreme. Bringing other cultures into a country for the purpose of cheap labor has brought this problem on the western Christian cultures and with the birth rate of islamic women, to include the Mexican women here in the US; once majority islamic population is gained the real jihad begins. The teachings of islam when read just as they are put down in the quran/koran, are a basis for charges of treason against the non-islamic country they are being taught in. Since an islamist cannot solute your flag, cannot follow your constitution and cannot pledge truthfully allegence to your country or way of life and culture; they can't be allowed to immagrate and must be deported to settle the problem. islam teaches only that they must fight you, they must conquer you and islam must be supreme thoughout the world. They are taught to in fact pledge, swear allegence and salute the flag falsely all in the support of making islam supreme worldwide. Study the quran/koran, hadith and all relevent current islamic scholars teachings; its true; islam does not exist side by side with any other culture or ideology and it's core teaching is that fact.


Muslims love peace like fish love breathing air!

Wake up and realize that the Muslim faith is one of utter and total hatred.

Just look at whet they are doing in India today!

The only good news is that ultimately the world will get sick to death of these muslim scum and start to send them all back to the middle east (Even the ones who were not born there)

In Australia we are utterly sick to death of them and yet we have people here from every nation living in peace.

ONLY the muslims are fixated on the notion that the world is theirs to rule.

Muslims are the new Nazi's and they will suffer the same fate. History will relegate them to the status of deluded and fanatical hate merchants.


Its time we all fight to deport those filthy muzzie scum back to their 3rd world countries where they belong.

Better still, burn them alive.



Is it allowed to post comments such as the one by fagla bhai?

Of course we all want free speech and intelliegnt discourse, but sadly these thick and backward fucking Muslim cunts are unable to understand what that means and to follow the rules

pl can you consider deleting the post and adding the email address used to the spam filter?


None of you have any idea what islam is about!
Islam as a whole is being judged on the actions of a few.
Seriously, for all we know Ossama BinLadin is dead!

If a pakistani murders, it's national news and it goes on for months.

When a american or even a canadian murders it goes on for a day then the news is old news. NO ONE says that american or canadians are murderers but because of that one pakistani the whole country/community is branded as MURDERERS!


Kim, you got it the wrong way round. If a paki murders it's all hush hush with the media compared to a white man doimg the same deed. Pakis are murdering Christians now in Pakistan. We hardly hear a word about it in the mainstream press but if it was the other way about it would be all over the islamophile gutter press/media.
"None of you have any idea what Islam is about". Oh, yeah ? So all the news that actually does make the headlines like suicide bombers, voter fraud, oppression of women, Shariah is just a fairy tale and the bloodthirsty passages in the Quran are missprints, eh ?
Keep your revisionist, phony garbage away from us truth seekers. We are not deceived.

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